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Dell 7275 waking up from sleep

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Dell 7275 waking up from sleep

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Our organisation has rollout Dell 7275 for our staff as an all in one device. However, we are currently experience issues where the tablet will not wake back up from sleep/hibernate. we have do do a hard reset (volume down + power button for 15 seconds) in order for the tablets to work again. We have applied the latest BIOS (1.1.25) and drivers and it's still occuring. We are on Windows 10 1607 x64 enterprise. has anyone else experience this issue or have a fix for it? Thanks

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  • An update for all members of the forum, this is still unresolved. Dell support is assisting with this but we have not reached a resolution yet.

  • Although I dont have a 7275, just looking at the BIOS revisions (for v.25) on this tablet it seems very similar to the 5175's latest BIOS, which also gave me these issues. As a last resort, I would try to downgrade your BIOS to v.20 and see if that solves your issues. The latest BIOS are bugged for these tablets.

  • Hi kurosawabobby,

      We were on v.20 and we still had that issue. In fact, we had more of the issue than we have on v.25

  • Hi Dell7275,

    It may not be the same issues then, though given the critical nature of the problem, it may pay to just test the other archived BIOS to see if they may a difference. Two other things come to mind in terms of sleep/hibernation issues:

    1: Turn off fast boot in power options

    2: Turn off the requirement of a Windows login when resuming from sleep/hibernate (though appreciate this might violate your workplace IT policy)

  • Thanks. Will check out the fastboot option on both v20 and v25 bios.

  • Did any of the things you tried help? I also have sleep/hibernate issues on my 5175 (will randomly not wake from hibernate) and wonder if the problems and solutions are similar as they are similar spec'd machines.

    I'm just thinking out loud but could it be related to power management issues with SSD (can this even happen??) and therefore not able to write to the hiber file from time to time? Interestingly, my 5175 is equipped with an Intel SSD, which I think is not a usual config for 5175. Maybe your 7275s are also Intel? If that's the case, maybe there is an SSD firmware issue?

    UPDATE: I looked up the firmware update notes for my Intel SSD (5400s Pro) and it seems that the latest update addresses a devsleep issue where when waking from S3/4 the computer will BSOD. The inability to wake from sleep is probably BSOD related so this may be something. I cant find any firmware from Dell and cant seem to get Intel Firmware Updater to work. In anycase, I don't think I can use the Intel updater as this drive is Dell so will probably need to contact Dell support.

  • it didn't help. Sleep/hibernate is still an issue. With the SSD, with our fleet, there's 4 SSD manufacturer, some are on SanDisk, some are on Hynix, some are on Samsung and some are on Intel. We have upgraded the firmware on the SanDisk and Hynix but the issue still persist. SanDisk and Hynix had the BSOD issue which the firmware was suppose to fix but after updating it on some user's tablet, the BSOD issue still persist.

    I did have a look at the Intel SSD firmware update as well and similar to you, I was unable to get the firmware updated.

    My biggest concern now is that with the 7275, it was suppose to be an enterprise grade product but all I am seeing is a mix and match of components from different vendors which has caused different issues on different batches on the 7275.

  • Sorry to hear you issues still persist. I'm not sure multi sourcing is so much of an issue (many companies do this) as the lack of support and effort Dell offer their enterprise customers. But these issues seems to be the perfect storm of an often buggy Windows 10, modern standby and power management issues on Skylake, married to extremely poor Dell support.

    Was Dell support not able to offer any insight into the sleep issues? Do they not have these issue from other customers? Would seem odd if they didn't as you have a whole fleet of them with issues. Is this a case of Dell running down the warranty on these things because they know to fix it would require hardware level tweaks and they do not want to bear the costs of a recall?

  • There's still no update from them. I am just seeing if any other users of the 7275 are experiencing the same issue and see if there's any potential fix.

  • Hi, Just letting you know that I also have a fleet of x190 of these with the same fault.

    Hopefully Dell will find a solution soon.

  • Hi Jonkers80,

       do you get the date and time issue as well with your 190 units? One of the testing that we are doing for that is to either disable contected standby or hibernate and the date and time issue stops occuring. Doing that will also help with the waking up of the tablet but of course that's because CS or Hibernate is disabled. It drains the batter through

    Extract from saReit's post:

    - CsEnabled 1 / HibernateEnabled 1 = time jumps

    - CsEnabled 0 / HibernateEnabled 1 = no time jumps / no sleep available

    - CsEnabled 1 / HibernateEnabled 0 = no time jumps / no hibernate available

  • New BIOS out for 7275 (.26) and 5175 (.19). Changelog seems similar across the two models. Am testing now to check issues.

  • Thanks for the heads up. I'm also testing the new .26 BIOS. Will update everyone when test are being done.

  • Not sure if you have found that waking up from sleep mode is a lot better when pressing the Windows Logo on the bottom of the screen (Located on the Front LCD Bezel, once press the device will vibrate once, acknowledging the action). This wakes the tablet up within 2 secs. Seems to be a lot better then using keyboard/mouse & power button clicks.

    Hope this make sense...Let me know if you to have found this?