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RE: How to get Dell to honor their Warrantee?

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RE: How to get Dell to honor their Warrantee?

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Amazingly I,just spent the last several hours doing the same thing although my venue 8 won't charge at all. Suggestions have been made that it has a micro A slot and comes with a micro B charger and that over time that causes the issue. I talked to the chat team and then support passed me around and tried to send me to the out of warranty team. I have an escalated ticket in and I am,suppose to get a call back. We will see. No one could answer or reply to the A port B charger question. If this is the extent of their technical knowledge it is sad. Most likely this is why they phased out this tablet rather than deal with the issue

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  • Hi Rmach t,

    Thanks for posting.

    Apologies that you are having difficulties with your Venue 8.  The AC adapters/chargers are considered normal wear and tear items and as such are not covered under the warranty.  Now, with that being said, the difference between the Micro A and Micro B USB ports and cable is simple.  The Micro A has square ends and the Micro B has tapered ends.  The B will not fit in an A Slot because of the design.  

    I have the Venue 8 Pro, and it has the Micro B slot and cable.  I've used 5 volt phone charging cables and chargers with mine and the battery will charge just fine.  Make sure the cable matches the port.

    Post back if you need further assistance. 


  • The charger may be a "wear-and-tear item" (but come on, really?  within the relatively short warranty period?  really?  if so, perhaps Dell should be using and supplying better chargers, that can last a year . . .); but the tablet's port connector itself is not (or the lifespan for the tablet would be a whopping 1 year--really?!?).

    See this similar thread as well.

    My recommendation:  press the warranty issue, politely, until it is approved.  The warranty is part of the price of the tablet, and is Dell's obligation.  

  • By the way, Robert P, my DV8P has, I believe, a micro-AB port--people can find that port problematic, as it allows one to try to push in a plug upside-down, leading to the problems Dell has had vis-a-vis users and the port.

    Wikipedia has a nice chart of the port and plug shapes, if you go down halfway in the article.