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Help! Can't update to Win 10 Anniversary - Where did my disk space go?

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Help! Can't update to Win 10 Anniversary - Where did my disk space go?

This question has been answered by Jeff Leites

This is on my Dell Venue Pro with a 64Gig "HD" and a 64Gig SD.

Trying to do he anniversary update but I'm getting a message saying I don't have enough disk space, 16GB required.

Looking at the space on my C drive, I only have 13.9 of 52GB free.  I do not have a lot of programs installed.  My Program Files folder shows 3.64 GB  The folder I keep my data in is 542MB.

I have a Windows.old folder because I cn't get rid of the 3 files in the FileRepository folder, but that's only 132KB.

My Users folder is 5.61GB and the largest folder I can find is the Windows folder with 11.2GB

As I composed this post, I checked my System Restore check points.  It was over 6GB  Do you think that is the problem.  I lowered the percentage from 20% to 9% and now have 16.5 GB free.

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  • Jeff, weren't you given the option of attaching a flash drive to provide the extra free space?  I was given and used that option with the Win10 original upgrade.

  • Thanks for the reply.  I didn't know what happened to my post.  I guess it was moved.  

    I didn't see an option for using a flash drive, but maybe I missed it.  I was able to do the update after I reduced the system restore percentage.  BTW, I found a really handy free program call Wiztree.  It lists all the folders and optionally files on your computer in size sequence.  It's showing that "Systems Recovery" is 11.3 GB.  I'm not sure what that is.  Is that the Recovery Partition with the old Win 8 recovery that is no longer useful?  If so, I'm really not clear on how to get it back.  11.3 GB is much more than what I allocated for System Restore.

  • Perhaps "Systems Recovery" is the term used for files saved from the update, in case there was an issue with the update and/or you want to revert?  If you're happy with the update (well, there's really no choice!), you could do a regular Windows system cleanup and see if that amount of files is listed for cleanup, and then clean it all away.

  • I'm assuming it's the Dell system recovery partition.   I'm pretty sure that reverting back uses windows.old.  I've been reading some posts on how to delete the recovery partition, and give the space back to the C drive, but it's a little more complicated than I'd hoped.  I'm thinking of not messing with it unless/until I need the space.  I don't do that much with the tablet.  I don't know how people with only 32 GB of space get by.

  • Looking forward to others' comments--I thought that one of the successes with Win10 was the elimination of separate recovery partitions.  

  • Mikerman - I found the answer.  It's too painful to type it again here (on the tablet), so see it on my other thread here:

  • Thanks for the update, and congratulations--