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Dell Venue 8 Pro Frozen on Lock Screen

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Dell Venue 8 Pro Frozen on Lock Screen

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I have a new Venue 8 Pro with Windows 8.1. Was working fine and today it froze on the lock screen. If I let it sit the screen eventually goes blank like it might be trying to enter sleep mode but cannot. I have to do a hard shutdown in order to restart.

I am new to Windows 8 so perhaps there is an easy solution to this one. I did notice on the lock screen that there is a monitor looking icon with a red x on it. I am guessing this is telling me the problem but I can not find a reference for the icon.

Thanks for any assistance

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  • Have you tried pressing and holding the power button for 10 seconds to perform a hard shut down?

  • Yep gave that a shot but unfortunately when it completes the boot cycle it ends up in the same unuseable state. Stuck on the lock screen. Have any idea what the little monitor looking icon is in the lower left hand corner? It has a red x on it which I am guessing is telling me the issue. Just dont know what it is in reference to.

    Thanks for the response

  • even i am facing the same problem. sometimes  it is freezing while unlocking? it . amen problem like yours . did you find a solution /

  • You have to perform hard reset Venue 8 Pro. Here is tutorial how to do it Also you can find more useful totorials. 

    If you have any trouble with your phones, visit my blog to perform hard reset

  • I did reset and after that also the tablet is showing the same problem. I have a strange issue with Wi-Fi too. It is showing limited connectivity to everything I connect.

  • Greetings,

    I was not able to find an "official" resolution to this issue but I will share what I found to resolve the issue and what I believe to be the issue. Again, I could not find confirmation of the root cause but it did fix the issue.

    This issue still occurs occasionally though not as frequently. I expect at some point a patch will be supplied for either Windows 8 or the wireless driver that fully resolves the problem.

    The issue is with the wireless driver. I am not certain whether it is the driver itself or with the driver running on Windows 8. Either way if you uninstall and then reinstall the driver it should resolve your issue. The machine freezes because the wireless driver is attempting to do something and can not complete the action. Once you reinstall it will work again.

  • I tried everything. Even I factory reset it. Even then it is having the same limited connectivity issue and freezing problem. I will show it to dell service centre.

  • have you tried going into:

    control panel - System and security - system, and then go to the left and press Device manager

    Then enter it and go to the wifi card and properties, then disable it and then enable it

    i had this issue too

  • Thanks for your suggestion . I have contacted dell, they gonna replace my tablet. My problem severe that they couldn't resolve it. I guess the wifi card has some problem. Unable to pick one or some bands in a/b/g/n. One more question , does dell venue pro 8 supports the "b" band?

  • Yes it does.

  • Thanks...  I too had the problem with the tablet being locked.   Holding for 10 seconds forced the shut down.  When it opened up it did so normally.  I had no little red box on my screen though.  I would try removing battery for 5 seconds and replacing and logging on,

  • I have same problem too... can you please tell me how to Uninstall and reinstall the driver as you mentioned.