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Venue 11 Pro 7139 Keyboard can't connect

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Venue 11 Pro 7139 Keyboard can't connect

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After installing Windows 8.1.1 update my external keyboard won't connect. I have tried with a keyboard with extra battery and a keyboard without battery.

The only button which is working on the keyboard with battery is the volume button for the speaker. Before installing the update the keyboard was working.

Any one who has an idea what to do?

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  • I have same issue, but it shows short signs of life when rebooted and/or changed USB ports, very short! tried everything available, even bought new keyboard. I believe it maybe related to the "touch screen" capability of W8. Are you still using a lower resolution monitor? l'm going to try the recommended resolution and see. will lose full view of the charms, but if it works it's better than using this screen keyboard. dandee2
  • I'm using the recommended resolution. I have also a dock and have an external keyboard and mouse on it, only the mouse is working, the keyboard doesn't work. Only the on screen keyboard is working At the moment writing this post, the on screen keyboard is working terrible too, writing slow is needed. :-(
  • I think I found a workaround to get the keyboard working. Set up Filter Keys. When Filter options is set to Turn on Repeat Keys and Slow Keys, the keyboard is not working, when changing it to Turn on Bounce Keys the keyboard is working. Not super, but it can be used.
  • Are these USB keyboards or the Dell keyboard docks?    Can you check your update history and see if you have MSFT QFE KB2931789 installed?   If not, can you try installing this and see if that resolves the problem?

    Any yellow !'s in device manager?

    Anyone else seeing this?


  • Could you give more detail here. I can't get tablet keyboard to work at all? Unresponsive?