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Can't Connect Dell Aero with PC, Sending ISD messages charging 5 Rs.

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Can't Connect Dell Aero with PC, Sending ISD messages charging 5 Rs.

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I have recently bought Dell aero from ebay. this phone poses hell lot of problems.

1st issues is it keep on sending messages to some invisible number "for sure ISD" costing me 5 rupees. i cant stop it form doing it. it has one app named AT&T navigator, for sure this app has something to do with this messages sending.

2nd issue is that my windows doesn't recognize or should i say detect dell aero. everytime drivers installation fails and it show ethernet gadget in device manager under unknown devices category althoght i have explained some desi troubleshoot method to detect my phone but it isnt permanet solution. my windows is win7 home basic 64 bit if somebody have 64 bit drives for dell aero please send me..

i need some android expert who can help me out....

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  • We imported 800 Dell aero phones from china to us here in New Zealand, we now have a vast amount of customers calling about this txting problem (the phones txt a number charging customers 80c-$5NZ), after some research online and with our service providers the phones are txting at random a chargable phone number in beijin china? and when we check that number its a known Scam/Fraud number. so why are all our dell aeros txting it? i have run scans on the phone but no luck they dont find anything, according to the net its a malware built into the operating system firmware, i need a solution to this ASAP, maybe a clean Firmware and instructions on flashing would be a help... thanks alot DELL..

  • every day i lost 5rs in india.. totally waste my money using dell aero.. but I dont have any idea to avoid it.. can any one help me how to solve this problem

  • Hi any solution about 5rs cutting problem... on this problem i'm not able use this phone .. totally waste my money.. DELL also not supported about this problem

  • Each and every day I lost 5rs.. I'm using BSNL network.. each day 5rs charged to my account for ISD messages.. totally waste my money using this DELL phone.. I baught it just 10 days back.. but dealer and DELL is not responded for this problem... i'm not able use this phone because of ISD messaging problem.. please give me any solution.. some one said there is no solution.. what can i do??? I can put it into dustbin????

  • hi there.....its not, that there is no solution to this problem actually its programmed in that way so as to support at&t network which is based in it uses at&t native application like at&t navigator etc....we need to download any other ROM for this phone which i'm trying to download from soon as i got it i will post the procedure to troubleshoot this by the time use any other phone for your calling purposes or you can use calling minutes instead of credit in ur phone....take care

  • dell is not going to provide us any solution i think....we need to troubleshoot this phone by our talking about flashing this phone...yes this phone can be flashed by using FIREBOLT software which is made by a china based company called BORQS.....but i need a updated ROM for this phone....i have checked a lot on internet but there are only two versions available on internet one is Chinese and another one is Spanish i think....maybe u guys could call the at&t America support and ask them to provide us a upgraded ROM for these phone or arrange from somewhere else....once we got a customized ROM for this problem we can troubleshoot this has this phone upgraded to android 2.2 but i have no idea how to download and convert that file in .mff format as FIREBOLT uses .mff format to upload new ROM on phone....and once again don't expect support form dell on this issue....

  • Thanq so much for your words.. is there any chance to avoid this problem to upgrade OS android 1.5 to 2.1???? any particular information about this problem please inform me once.. thanq once again

  • hi naga143add, talking about upgrading yes me and my friends are working on to upgrade this phone but till now i think i have found temporary solution for SMS problem....u can check the solution at following URL

    remember this is a temporary solution. still can save your money which keeps on deducting by itself....

  • Hey EasyshopNZ, I have received one of the phones you are talking about from easyshop, I didnt order it however, I ordered 2 perfumes and instead I got 1 perfume and this ph, i figured that maybe the other poerfume i ordered was out of stock and easyshop sent this phone as a sort of consolation. Anyway Im wondering if I need to be wary about using this phone after having read your comment also It came with no kind of software and is unable to load drivers to connect to my pc.

  • yeah there is bit of worry in using this phone.....first of all beware to use this phone with ur sim full of credit because it uses ur sim balance to send ISD messages to someone numbers......however there is solution to this problem posted above your comment on this worries to use it with pc as you can download pc suite from dell website and can load drivers from that software to ur system.....dont forget to reset your phone atleast once before connecting with pc

  • Ohh How can I connet my dell  to my PC?? It's not working?? I want to discuss about 5rs cutting problem.. please give me a proper sollution to avoid this problem.. please please

  • I were the same problem, but i found solution,

    First install the PC suite( use this link )

    Then install the dell aero unlocking software, wait until the installation, but do not open the software,

    use this link to install,--- ( ),

    Then go to the   setting -USB Mode Setting -  change  the default USB Mode to PC Sync.

    Now connect to the Mobile to your PC, it will surely Work.

  • I were the same problem, but i found solution,

    First install the PC suite( use this link )

    Then install the dell aero unlocking software, wait until the installation, but do not open the software,

    use this link to install,--- ( ),

    Then go to the   setting -USB Mode Setting -  change  the default USB Mode to PC Sync.

    Now connect to the Mobile to your PC, it will surely Work.

  • for Dell PC Suite and Update

  • Hi,

    I have also bought Dell Aero and I'm facing a strange problem.

    I'm able to use internet through browser but none of the applications connect to internet, it says data connection not available.

    Everything fine from service provider.

    Would be great if you could help.