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Active Stylus for the Dell XPS 12 duo

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Active Stylus for the Dell XPS 12 duo

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I just bought the dell xps 12 duo, which is a great product btw

and I want to buy a stylus pen, but I have a question:

I do not want (unless I have no choice) to use capacitive stylus, I'd like to know if the DELL XPS 12 is compatible with Active stylus (digitizer wacom or n-trig DuoSense technology etc.)?

On this topic

One of your representative said that it support active stylus wacom, however there is no information on the product description, and other internet sources say it is not compatible, it is very ambiguous

Is there way to have a confirmation from a rep regarding this topic? does it supports active stylus pens? Wacom digitizer? N-trig DuoSense? and where can i buy one ?

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  • Hi raiton30,

    XPS 12 duo and XPS 10 (tablet pc) both would support stylus and has the handwriting feature in it.

    XPS duo will work with Wacom and I would suggest you to contact a local retailer for the purchase.

    Please do get back to us for further assistance or information.


    Thanks and Regards,
    Nikhil M

  • Hi,

    thanks for your response, i know that the wacom styluses like the bamboo (capacitive stylus) works, but the actives ones (pressure sensitivity, with buttons etc) ?

    the response you got from the research team is somewhat ambiguous, every capacitive screen works with capacitive stylus and Windows 8 support by default the handwriting features, you need to ask this  question: does the xps 12 duo support active stylus (wacom or n-trig digitzer) like the dell latitude 10 ?

    there are plenty of topics on this subject here, and it would be nice to have a clear response 


    edit : dell sells a wacom active stylus Dell Part : 750-31268 :  will this work with the xps 12 ?

  • Hi raiton30,

    You will be able to use the normal stylus and the n-trig digitizer stylus will not work for XPS 12.

    Please do get back to us on further assistance or information.


    Thanks and Regards,
    Nikhil M

  • what do you mean by "normal pen", capacitive pens (rubber tip) ?

  • Hi raiton30,

    The one that works in XPS 12 is (capacitive stylus) and not the pressure sensitivity with buttons.

    Please do get back to us on further assistance or information


    Thanks and Regards,
    Nikhil M

  • Hi Nikhil,

    Just to be specific... would the Wacom Bamboo Feel Stylus work with the xps 12? 

    And does the XPS 12 have active display?


  • Hi Nikhil,

    The XPS 12 in not capactive so the Wacom stylus wouldn`t work. The only stylus that works is the rubber tipped stylus.


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  • Hi,

    It's false, the XPS 12 will work with capacitive pens, like the Wacoom Bambo line, juste like any device with a "modern" touchscreen.

    But it does not work with the active pens.

  • OK.... getting a bit confused..

    so i'm going to be as detailed as possible...links and all....

    i ordered a Wacom bamboo feel Stylus from Amazon see links below to see exactly what i'm talking about:

    will this stylus work with the Dell XPS 12?:

    I would really like a concrete answer from someone who works with Dell or Wacom...


  • That one will not work, it's an active one.

    I can comfirm you ;)

    XPS12 uses Atmal Maxtouch technology, it does not have any digitizer like wacom or ntrig, just a simple capacitive screen, like ipads, android tablets and so on...

    The one you listed works only with devices that are powered by wacom feel technology

    if you want a stylus for you xps12 you have to buy a regular stylus (and *** in comparaison of active pens), like the Bamboo stylus in the link.

  • sigh....

    Soo depressing :( i hope your wrong :( :( :(

    I can't return it... i'm in Jamaica...

    is there anyway to get my XPS 12 to accommodate active display?

    Really wanted a stylus that would make writing have a pen and paper effect and make sketching easier..

    the regular stylus is not very effective..and the XPS12 already has it's own issues - (sticking and the like)...


  • Nope there is no way.

    It's a shame that dell did'nt incorporated a digitizer like the competition.