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Dell Streak 5 - Android update

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Dell Streak 5 - Android update

  • Does anyone know ( including you Dell!! ) if the Dell Streak 5 will be getting any android update from the 2.2 version I currently have?????




  • Don't hold your breath!

    I asked a similar question weeks ago about the update for UK base 351 and got no reply at all.

    I've come to the conclusion that Dell should stop playing in the mobile smart phone space if they aren't prepared to provide ongoing upgrades to the operating system.

    I won't be buying another Dell mobile device in a hurry.

    Shame really as the Streak 5 ticked a lot of boxes for me, but let down by Dell being too slow with the updates. It took an age to get 2.2 which was a massive improvement on 1.6.

  • Let me preface this by saying that I am not a Dell employee, and in no way associated with Dell. I am a customer just like all of you.

    Now thats been said, we need to stop viewing our phones as PC. Here is the reality. You are using a beta product. Android is a beta OS. Dell and many other companies are jumping on this beta band wagon so as to make money and stay in the phone market. You don't expect them to keep upgrading your phone's OS do you? How many version of iOS did Apple allow its user to upgrade until telling them to BUY a NEW phone? If you want the latest and greatest, then buy a new phone. This is the reality where ever you go now in the phone market. But you are saying, "my phone is buggy, its not as good as the iphone." Yes! You are correct. This is because you are a beta tester for Google. Google wrote the OS and gave it away free. You did not pay for the OS. So why are you wanting more than what you have paid for it?

    We are use to buying a PC and using it for 10 years and upgrading the OS 3 times. This is a phone, not a PC. Like you, I was so disappointed with my first Android phone. I now use a Windows phone and I am very happy. I will never pay money to be Google's beta tester again.

  • I don't know if I'd say that's fair...I paid $600 for my phone and $400 for my pc, and expect to use both of them for quite a awhile as they do meet my needs. I know I don't want to have to pay $5-600 every year for the newest, latest, greatest phone. I love my Dells (2x5 and a 7) and would also like to see updates continue (at least 1 or 2?) rather than be stuck on the version it came with (which tends to be outdated by the time you buy it). What's it take to make an OTA or downloadable upgrade available? It certainly is disappointing to have bought the Dell and then find out within 1-2 months its discontinued and not going to be supported. Shame on Dell!

  • It is not unfair expecting an update as many feature of the dell streak 5 is either not functioning or need an update such as the main camera button and can not use front camera when using skype calls and etc.... I agree with Jacquig, we don't ask for too much. All what we need is a facelift from DELL. While other android users enjoying ICS and all we are stuck with the 2.2.2 .

    What hurt the most was even after millions of people complained about the issue and begging DELL to do something about it, DELL does not seems to give a damn about it. Not even a single sign of concerned about the product they sold to their so called valuable customers. I have never seen such a company who does not give a damn about it's customer anywhere. Do you think they are going to respond to this view of mine? OH NO!!!

  • For the love of all that is good... get a Samsung Galaxy Note already lol... Its a billion times better than the streak.

  • MatthewAngel........I have done just that. I got totally fed up with the Dell tripping over itself, between locking up and having to repeatedly take the battery out and switch back on, re-booting by itself and intermittent wireless connection to my home network...I have given up. Just bought a new Galaxy Note and the difference is amazing, everything works for a start, battery life is much better, screens are better...its just a breath of fresh air in comparison to the Dell.

    Dell need to look at what they are doing...both product-wise and customer care. Samsung are so far in front of them on both counts its scary; I have other samsung products at home and they are amazing pieces of kit. Dell appear to be sitting on a previous reputation which frankly is now long gone.


  • The Note really is the hub of my schedule, my contact with people (outside of in person), it's my laptop/tablet in a pocket and it's my gaming machine when I need to get away from it all.

    The Streak was almost enough to put me on sedatives. It had the ugliest screen, the boxiest shape, the slowest motor and when it wasn't freezing up (stock software)or rebooting at random, it was performing all of it's tasks in the most excruciatingly poor way. I sent that thing back. Not to mention that the "dell Streak" team was at best, a laugh.

    I have the international version of the Note (home button, unlocked, faster chipset and GPU, but no LTE) and I can tell you that for Samsung first try.... they nailed it. I can't wait to see how they will find a way to improve on this thing!



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