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Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread update for Dell Streak Mini 5

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Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread update for Dell Streak Mini 5

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When is Dell planning to roll out the new Android 2.3.3 update for Dell Streak Mini 5 ?

I recently went through Dell Support and came to know that Dell has officially released Android 2.3.3 for Dell Streak Mini 5 in Korea on 01 Dec 2011. However, Dell is still waiting for some time to finally roll this update for other regions too but more than one month has passed now. The new Dell update rolled out is for Base Version 407 Region - 14, Olleh Rom.

Details of my Dell Streak are:

Base Version : 347, Region: 00 - Retail.

Please reply soon !!!

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  • yo estoy esperando a que salga para mi pais.. argentina

  • todavia tengo esta vercion 353 nro.15697 region 31 Mar 23, 2011 Latest At&t rom

  • Did U find any answer? I'm looking for update to my dell streak mini 5 too. cheers 


    This is the OFFICIAL update from Dell as you can see it is also hosted on Dell's Servers.

  • no answers as yet, dell seems not to be bothered by the fact that they are yet to launch the update for all regions,

    hope to have mine soon...ciao

  • this is the update for 350 region, i am looking for 347 baseband....

    dell ...., are you listening ?

  • yo tambien soy de Buenos Aires y espero el update de mi dell streak 5!!

  • estoy esperando que salga pronto en Colombia, ya esta la 4 y nosotros seguimos en la 2.2....................... que mal

  • I have installed the Olleh ROM to my Streak and am enjoying 2.3.3 since early January.

    My phone seems to be faster and the ability to finally use the front facing camera for skype is a plus.

    The update was pretty painless. Go here for info:

    However, my wife's phone (streak white) and mine (regular streak) have had infrequent stability issues causing reboots. :(


  • Did you and your wife had this problem before update to 2.3.3 ? I think for dell streak is better  2.2.2  .

    Advice for dell streak users:

                                                       -  1) Update to 2.2.2 (step 1) just for those who don't have android 2.2.2)

                                                       -  2) Format  

                                                       -  3) Delete all default and icons and gadgets from all main screens.

                                                       -  4) Download and install Go launcher

                                                       -  5) Install Go Launcher free ram widget (only this widget no other themes, no other settings, just leave everything defoult )  

                                                       -  6) Install X-plore

                                                       - Now is a decent working and functional phone with no crashes no lag  no freeze no screen  delay  , working soft and  easy as any Iphone 4-4s...Galaxy s ...s2   .... Trust me

    I'm Dell Streak 5, Samsung galaxy S, SII, Iphone 4 and 4S USER

  • hola, gracias por la información, pero tengo una pregunta, instalo Go launcher Ex del market? o hay otro en especial?


  • Our phones did not have any issues when running 2.2.2.

    The infrequent instability only started after installing the Olleh ROM for 2.33.

    I do agree that 2.2.2 is the way to go if you don't want the features that 2.3.3 adds.

  • te entiendo mrpaulsherwood el preblema de mi telefono es el laucher dell que por momentos se cogela y pone lento, y he visto en youtube otro launcher mejor de DELL 2.2.2 pero no se como conseguirlo o que hacer con el mio

  • Lo siento. Mi respuesta fue pensado para ilielucianno.

    Yo soy capaz de ver GO LAUNCHER EX en el Android Market. Ahí es donde usted debe instalar desde.

  • if is possible in English, and if is possible more exactly, what features from 2.3.3 you could need and you didn't find them  in 2.2.2 ? Cheers.