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update for venue to android 2.3 and 4.0

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update for venue to android 2.3 and 4.0

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Tthe Dell Venue must get update of android 2.3 as well as android 4.0. As Sony Ericsson had declared to update all xperia 2011 to android 4.0 by march 2012.LG too had declared to update Black Optimus 2X,3D to android 4.0. So Dell Venue must get update to android 4.0. It's all now up to Dell as LG, Sony Ericsson, Samsung are planning to update there device to android 4.0. and Dell don't even have 2.3 update.

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  • yeah, i think the same, do you how can we contact the Dell team to make an update? beside this forum, a more direct way to contact them

  • Release an update and fix this buggy phone please.

  • i think they never think about update this phone

  • I really did it again, I buyed Dell again when I had a bad experience and I decided to buy this product. The product works fine for me, bu the updates are important and in this area Dell is failing. If a company launch products, they should support it, if they do not do it, this send a bad message to potential new customer. Why the department that has the responsability to update the Venue is not doing his job.

  • why dell not giving update for dell venue? Seems like dell faked that this device supports android 2.3. now all devices are coming with android 4?

  • We still believe that DELL is the best but live up to the expectations.

    Must release updates....

  • they are still selling this phone so they should upgrade os instead of <Profanity Removed> people like they did with the streak 7 i am through buying dell products their name use to mean something but now it just means obsolete

  • HI All, 

    I have found this site hope this helps 

    Please let me know 


  • Both MIUI and CM7 builds for the Venue are on XDA.  forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php



  • Has anybody installed OS succussfully,,? please post steps...