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Why is my dell's venue pro keyboard not working? It was working last night and now it just does not work, I reseted the phone to factory about 7 times, and it is still not working :(

Any Help?

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  • I know what you mean.  Not sure if it was due to the firmware update but after I put the update on, my keyboard started to flicker and eventually stopped working.  Did yours stop working after your applied the firmware update?

  • I just purchased the phone, so I guess is came already with the update! Is a very annoying issue. No matter how many restore factory settings you do on it, it will work only when it wants to :S I called dell mobility and told them is not working and I did this and that and nothing, the guy told me we will send you another phone, but for sure it will be a refurbished one, and this only has like half week since purchased.

  • Can you take it back to the store where you got it for a replacement?

  • Dell should give you a BRAND NEW one if your within the first 30 days of purchase. That's what i was told by 2 different reps when i called them. After the 30 days it will be refurbished.

    If you are within the first 30 days i wouldn't let a second go by without getting it replaced with a brand new one. Sounds more like a hardware problem then a software problem. imho