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locked out of venue pro, need to perform hardware master reset!

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so i changed the password on my DVP and now i stupidly cannot remember.  i've inputted too many incorrect password pin's in that now i'm locked out of the phone for 8 minutes with every incorrect pin input.

how do i perform a hardware master reset to wipe everything clean? i can't do the software master reset because i have no access to the main settings pain (locked out).  is there a way i can wipe it clean through zune? i'm not too worried about data loss because after i reset it i can simply sync it back with my laptop where i have my data backed up. 


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  • Are you able to perform a remote wipe through Live services?

    Find My Phone -> Erase It

    This performs a remote wipe, or if your device is connect to an Exchange server you are able to do the same through Outlook Web Access (OWA 2010) or an administrator can do the same in prior Exchange versions.