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If You can be so kind and help me with THIS problem: I bought the phone with lock and wallpaper password (the seller keeps saying thtat knows nothing about it - I don't belive him - somebody had to set this password.) I cant find the way to reset this password to use the phone normally .

When i pull out 8GB original SD card out (SANDISK CLASS 4)- phone starts normally and doesn't ask about password. When i put the card in again -phone is locked again and what is more showing info that next possible try to enter the password is after 1690 minutes!!! I put in  another SD card from my HTC HD2 (SAN DISK 8GB , CLASS 2) and have made a phone reset (trough menu).Than i made the reset witht pulling out battery during the screen turnes black during restart. It didn't help - the phone doesn't see this card and shows only 15,7 MB of space. Mybe I should buy another new SD card and try again with this one...? Any ideas? I dont what to do...Thanks

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  • Ok...what you are saying does not make sense.  Here's why.

    With Windows Phone 7, the SD card is NOT interchangable without a Hard reset.  The SD card is integrated with the OS.  If the card is removed, the phone should not start.  Using a specified process, a card can be reset and formated.  But it has to be done in a specific process.

    If your card can be removed without a hard reset, then the card is NOT part of the phone. 

    Here's what to do:

    1.  With your phone in a bootable state, go to Settings, About, reset device.

    2.  While the phone is rebooting, but not yet restarted, pull the battery.

    3.  With the battery out, put your SD card in.

    4.  Replace the battery and allow the device to restart.

    5.  The restart process will format the device and the card.

    6.  Walk through the setup process.

    This process should integrate your SD card with  your device.  At this point your card should NOT be removed without doing steps 1and 2 above.  If you do, you risk putting your device in an unusable state.  At this time, there is no recovery from the unusable state.

    Be advised, removing your SD at any time may violate the Dell warrenty. 

    Be carefull, don't play with this.  Removing the card at will is not part of the phone's ability.  Follow the steps above and don't play with this.

  • Well - I dont kmow if it makes sense or not but the facts are:

    1. My phone starts and works without any sd card in slot - shows only 15,7 MB of memory then

    2. If i follow the process You explained my phone does not go in to the process of hard/sof reset. I cant make him to go to any initial process/screen. By the way - after pulling out battery/replaceing sd/putting battery in - You mean the phone should automaticly contiuing this process of restart or i should turn power off ? Franlky saying i have to turn it on again because after puting battery in again nothong happens.

    3. After restart situation is the same - phone didn't integrate system with SD card - shows only 15,7 MB of sapce

    Any ideas what is wrong with it? Or mybe I am doing sth wrong?

    Any other ideas of resetting this password and without replaceing oryginall SD CARD?

  • Hi,




    You have 2 options. Follow the procedure as mentioned (I did that when I swapped my original for a 32GB) and it works.

    Option 2 try another card, new unformatted ( I bought mine in the US and it works perfectly)

    I will be happy to send you the link.

    You actualy do have another option if you know anybody that owns a nokia N-series (N8 is working well, I tried) that will allow you to put your memory card in so you can format it you might be able to revive the card and try again.

    Ps. I am living in Luxembourg and if you need help let me know.




  • Hello Vanmarr - thank You for answer.

    I tried all options- yesterday i formated card from my dell in nokia n8 to delete this password:) It finally disappeared but device still doesn't see my this sd card.

    Only thing that comes tomy mind is to make precedure of hard reset on on another working dellVP to consolidate system with SD . Can You tell me Your e-mail to send pm - i have a quastion for You because as You said You live not so far away from me (at lest not across the ocean:)?

  • Again, maybe I'm missing something here.

    Didn't you say that hard reset will not work for you?  If that is the case, then swapping SD cards will make no difference.  The password lock issue you have should be reset with a HARD reset, not a soft reset.  The only way it will not be reset is if you have somekind of SIM lock combinaiton on your sim card.  Then it can only be unlocked by your carrier.  

    No amount of swapping cards will change this.

    Regarding SD cards and Windows Phone 7.  A hard reset erases your phone, AND formats your card.  With WP7 you cannot hot swap SD cards.  you can ONLY add them via a hard reset.  You cannot format a card on a nokia device and add it to a WP7 device and have it work automatically  You must hard reset the device with the new card in place.  The hard reset formats the card, and integrates it for your device.  You can do with with any card, any number of times, as long as you use the NEW card process each time.  The new card process formats the card, erases your device and integrates both together.

    Anyone telling you that hot swapping is avaialble for WP7, is misleading you.  A HARD reset is required each time you change a card.

    Again, if you cannot solve your problem with a Hard reset, you should call your mobile operator to see if you SIM is locked. 

  • Hello - Thanks for answer on about Dell Venue Pro problems. As I wrote before I did all the procedures and nothing works. My device don't want to make a hard reset.
    I think that the reason is that
    1. first when i try to reset it the sd card waslocked by password and this fact made reset impossible
    2. when I formated thic card in nokia n8, put it into my device the reset is not going to happen because the process was started not on properly working device with system and card integrated - I mean if I start swapping card on normally working phone ( for example for bigger one 16 or 32 GB) it should be done. But I was always doing this on nont working properly phone - first blocked, than with formated card.
    So - the only thing that comes to my mind is to use another working dell to heal mine :) and make swaps and formating card on working device.
  • Ok...if i recall, you said your device works without a SD card.  If this is true and you hard reset....does the hard reset work?  If yes, you can then say a Hard REset works.   Now....all that leaves is a card.   The problem you are having is not with the Venue Pro but rather wth the card.  Its locked and won't let you use it.  

    Dude...get a new one.  You can get an 8 or 16g real cheap.  Get a new one.  Get a Class 2 card from Amazon or where ever.  then follow the hard reset steps offered mulitple times here.  And your problem should be over.

  • Hello friends, I also I have a similar problem, also bought a dell venue pro second hand and also has a password on the main screen, I can receive calls but I can not use the phone, the question is, if I format the sd in another phone that allows me, this removes the password and can use my phone normally?

  • Here is how I accidentally fixed my phone.  I enter the password several times again and again until it gives a warning that everything will be erased and it will restore the factory settings.  Then I enter the password again, it was wrong, and the phone reset its factory settings.  Problem solved, no more password required.  Big Smile

  • Yup. I did the same thing. Enter the password until I rec'd a message stating that if I entered the password incorrectly one more time, my phone would be reset back to factory defaults. Entered the password again and "Voila!", phone reset.


  • Were you able to try entering 1234 as your password?



  • tundro,

    I do not have the allowed screen to enter a password. mine keeps telling me to wait thousands minutes and retry.

    I put in a new 8gb card with the procedure of taking out battery putting in new card and putting battery back in. No auto start. I started phone using the power button and now it says it does not recognize the 8gb card.

    No other screens are available.

    When I put the original 8gb card back in, it goes to the screen that says to wait a thousand minutes to retry. On the top of the screen the icons indicate the sim card is working and I have wifi. If I can just get past this blocked screen, I believe the phone is functional.