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Dell Streak 7 Tablet Battery

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This is #3 replacement and I have had it almost 3 weeks and last night it started acting up.  It was flashing the light red indicating low battery charge.  I did put it on the charge but it would not boot up.

I left it overnight and now its dead. 

Nothing brings it up.

Anyone have battery issues?  Could it be the charging cord?



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  • Make sure you are using the provided Dell charger and USB cable.  The unit uses a higher wattage charger then the standard USB.  A good example is, if I keep my DS7 on and have it charge with a regular USB connected to my computer, the DS7 power consumption is higher then the charge rate, and the unit will still die over time.  If you are not able to charge, it could be a bad cable or AC charger.  try to charge it one time with the unit off.  The next thing you need to make sure is that the AC unit is not killing your DS7s due to wrong voltage or amps from a broken charging unit.  Download a power app to see the consumption vs charge rate.

  • It will NOT turn on.  Its Dead.  I have had it on charge overnight.  The lights were flickering on/off last night but since I put it on the charger oernight ....nothing.

    I would have to get another charger from the store to see if the one I have is defective


    I cant get the unit to turn on to DL anything  LOL

    I will get my meter and measure voltage and see if there is anything

  • have you tried a soft reset with the button near the sd card?  Just to make sure its not a software issue rather then a battery issue.  Good luck. BTW, make sure you get a DS7 charger, the regular DS has a lower watt charger.

  • Well its a dead tablet.  We took it back to the store and they used their charger and tried it. DEAD as a doornail.

    Unfortunatly, they have no replacements and they spent 20 minutes calling around for one. 

    New shipment comes in sometime during the week.

    I dont have much of a choice but have to try another, Since its been over 30 days and I am tied into a 2 year contract now.




  • Sorry to hear that.  Did they take back the chargers too?  Id hate to use the same old chargers if they are killing your tablets.  Also Id be leary of any USB port you may have used.  My brother had a usb port that killed 3 Zunes.



    Good luck!  Are you still in your period to back out the 2yr contract?



  • Like the iFail or any other tablet, make sure the charger is 5V, 2 AMP most USB chargers are 5V 1 AMP.

  • I am having the same problem.  Battery is not charging.  It doesn't recognize the charger being plugged in and the battery is discharging (according to Settings -> About -> Status).  Is there a way to remove the battery on a Dell Streak 7?  It is one of the suggestions I have seen.  Also, what is the procedure for a soft reset?



  • Weeelllll Keith,

    After numerous software, on/off issues, contacting Dell, my TWO Dell Streaks will only do the red blinking light.

    It's not the charger.  I have 3 of them, all from Dell.  They are charged up, but now won't turn on.


    I should have gone with my instinct and went with IPADS because I'm sure Apple has answers for their products.

    For now....I have 2 brand new, DEAD DELL Streak 7's that my daughters can't use one of their MAJOR Christmas presents.

    Thanks DELL!



  • This is the second Dell Streak 7 replacement I have because of the battery will not charge.  I am using the correct Dell charger and cable but it is not recognizing the charging being pluggged in.  How do you remove the batter and check it.  Or do you have any other suggestions .

  • There is no way to check a battery, nor remove it.  You have to call Dell service  800 308-3355 They will probably send you a box to ship the dell back to them

    I am on my 5th Dell, once for battery failure, and 3 times  for this:


    Those 3 times I could not even do a factory reset.

    I am beginning to realize that its some of the android programs itself that is crashing the tablet.

    The tablet is flawed.  If I wasnt under a 2 year contract I would have dumped this long ago.  Only 1 year more to go.

  • i also am having problems with my battery, the thing wont charge at all and its not cool, wht can i do??

  • If you have a warranty, call Dell at the number I gave above and talk  to them about it.  They should be able to send you a box for repair

  • Hi Keith,

    I have had the same problem with my dell streak 7, or as it said on start u dell STEAK 7. I bought a generic cable for about £3.50 on eBay and now it works again, but the recharge time is a lot slower. Give a new cable a try, it might be worth it.

    Good luck


  • I'm having the same issue. Only I'm getting multiple mis-transfers to guys with names I can't pronounce and still a brick paperweight Streak 7. And no... it's not the charger or cables, as I have multiple of both OEM.

    Update 5/16/12 - I had to file warranty claim. A "Sebastian" got my address wrong after 20 minutes of trying and when the first box was returned to them? Dell cancelled everything. It took a couple more weeks before I got the return packaging after multiple FedEx delivery attempts... due to again a bad address from Dell.

    Their repair was to just send a replacement. This replacement lasted barely two months and now it has again started going in to DOCK MODE and refusing to charge. When they sent the replacement, it came with NO CHARGER OR CABLE. Fun fact is that this time, I know it's NOT the battery.

    When the cord is all the way in, it goes in to dock mode and refuses to charge. If you barely pull it out some, it charges.

    The new Dell Mobility Expert filed a new claim for tablet #2, and advised me that if they deem it, they will bill me $249 dollars to repair their garbage.

    PS: I bought the $60 Otterbox Defender case, and it has never left my bedroom as it is only a alarm clock and my morning newspaper.

    I will never again buy Dell. Anything. And furthermore: the "pin hole reset" doesn't do spit, and nor does (and I can't believe they said this) attempting to charge it from my computer's USB port. That's right... they told me to attempt to charge their own device that requires 5v 2amp to charge off a home computer!

  • I used a safety pin because the hole is very small. I was able to push the reset button and the blinking red light stopped. I put it back on the charger and turned it on. YEAH, it works!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!