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New Dell Streak 5 (Android 2.2) Software Issues - Bluetooth Voice Dialer Broken

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New Dell Streak 5 (Android 2.2) Software Issues - Bluetooth Voice Dialer Broken

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I just received my new Dell Streak 5 with Android 2.2 yesterday and have found that the Bluetooth Voice Dialer (Also just the Voice Dialer) appears to be very buggy and un-usable.  I called Dell and spent an hour on the phone last night without resolution. The CSR open an SR ticket about the issue. She had a device and also experienced issues trying to use it. She was trying to find a setting or something that would allow speech adaption but no luck.  Here is my findings:

1. If you Pair a BT Headset, Voice commands do not work. In some cases the BT Voice Dialer will not even launch on the Dell Streak. When the BT Voice Dialer does launch, it toggles from Listening to Not Ready every second.... totally not usable 100% of the time you cannot launch a Voice command from a paired device.

2. If you use the Voice Dialer application without a paired BT device, voice commands only work about 50% of the time for commands like: Call VoiceMail, Open Calendar, etc.... if you try and say call 911, or call 972-555-1212 (any 10 digit number) it fails 90% of the time.  Totally not usable.


Dell Streak with 1.6 (I have owned one) seemed to work ok.

I have a Nexus S Android 2.3 that works 100% of the failures.

In searching the forums, I see many hits on this issue.... so its a common issue that needs to be fixed.

Hopefully, Dell will read this and it will help with escalation to a resolution!

I will continue to post any updates that I receive from the SR that I have open with Dell.


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  • Yes I have the same issue ever since I updated to 2.2 yesterday.  I have the bluetooth headset issues you describe, plus other audio issues in general where the speak to navigate does not work and I have to reboot the phone.  Also did a backup before moving to 2.2 but the system did not back up any contacts etc.  Before upgrading to 2.2 I was on 1.6 and while the voice a bluetooth was not great, at least it worked.  BTW I do not know if this makes a difference but I am using a Jawbone ERA.  It shouldnt and as I said the issues extend past just Bluetooth.  Considering I bought the Streak Brand new for $49 with contract it makes me wonder if Dell realized there was a hardware problem or something.  The idea being to get them sold and then slowly either fix or replace them as people complained.

  • I called Dell mobility support yesterday for an update and another issue.  The support person did not have any update to the Bluetooth Voice Dialer issue and indicated it may be addressed in the future. I was told to call back in a week or so to see if there was an update.  WHAT KIND OF SUPPORT IS THIS?