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Dell Venue Pro Rebooting problem

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Dell Venue Pro Rebooting problem

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This is not such an annoyance to me, but still felt it's worth mentioning.


There seems to be an issue where if I am currently in a texting thread, sometimes if I slide open or close the keyboard while touching a button, the phone will reboot itself.  It has happened to me several times now.

So for example, I get a text.  I go into the thread to read it.  I type a response.  Then I hit back to exit but as I'm hitting back I tend to slide the keyboard closed... this causes the phone to reboot.



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  • You did not mention which button you are pressing so I tried this on my 8GB version and no rebooting happened with soft or hardware buttons. Your phone may need to be replaced.

  • typically the BACK key,


    But I've discovered that my original understanding of the problem was misperceived.


    Today, I open an Excel spreadsheet.


    I open the keyboard to type.

    Then I close the keyboard.

    Then it crashes and reboots.  Its now at the point where I can do it at will.

  • Actually... jeez, it's just doing it ANYTIME I open and close the keyboard now.  Even on the home screen. 


    Great.  And here I thought I could 'deal' with DVP problems.. this is extremely bad.  I'm calling Dell today.

  • Just another follow-up and Dell Customer Service just did the typical thing they would do.


    First they make you do a reset (which is ridiculous in this case... its pretty obvious the keyboard-reboot problem is hardware, not software!).

    Then of course when its still does it, they just send you a replacement... which I'm wary of because what difference does it make if its really a bad quality build?  The replacement will have the same problems too.

    I'm glad someone else made a post about this problem, it tells me that it's not just my phone, but an inherent problem in some or all Dell Venue Pro's.

  • I have the exact same problem, did dell acknowledge this? or were you able to get a replacement ?

  • I'm having the same problem. It's not as bad as others. Today was the first time it happened and it happened twice while opening an sms conversation and opening the keyboard right after.