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Dell Venue Pro connectivity issue 3G or no network and more

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Dell Venue Pro connectivity issue 3G or no network and more

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Is anyone experiencing issue with voice and data to Tmobile 3G dropping in or out service?  Since we cannot use WIFI as much as needed to due all the reasons already mentioned in other threads.  I would not mind if it dropped to E or G but 'no network/no service'  the phone is almost useless. If it was only data I could handle.  But since having the phone I been told by Dell Mobility to do a hard phone reset several times ( 4 times).   removed the battery reboot over 50 times. I have watched the phone self power off 2 times while locked.   Each time Dell has stated that i should  not get involved in phone exchange program. that the Dell/MS update will fix the issues.  I just want phone that can make a call any time I need and data can go over 3G or less if that is my coverage. I am in the Chicago suburbs this is very frustrating.  I scheduling to call DELL Mobility on 2/10.   If Dell or anyone reading has suggestions let me know.

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  • The Venue Pro seems a bit twitchy about networks and when to switch over, this seems to be a known issue. My Venue Pro was twitchy so I went into Settings/Cellular and changed "network selection" from T-mobile to Automatic. So far this has helped with 3G service. Dell needs to update these issues, they are probably not going to be in the Microsoft update.

  • I have tried that.  It is sometimes better.  However after I tap to select,  I get these choices : auto , T-mobile , T-mobile, ATT.  Why is there 2 choices for T-mobile?

    Is one better than the other?  I have found if i turn off 3G connection completely then Edge connection works slowly but perfectly.  I will try your fix for 2-3 days to see if that is better.   Thanks.

  • Yes, unfortunately I have. I've also experienced similar connectivity problems with the WiFi and the Bletooth. I bought two of these on Dec 10. One with 8 gig, and one with the 16 gig. So far they have replaced these phones 3 times and I'm waiting for the fourth replacement on the 16 gig version as I write this. I woke up this morning and discovered that my phone w/16 gig is completely dead.  I swapped the battery just in case but it is dead for sure.  There is something seriously wrong with the code or the radio portion of this phone, by that I mean the electronic subsystems of the phone. There is chance that the power savings feature of the OS is so aggressive that it causes the phone to behave in this manner. I took the phones to T-mobile store very close to where I live only because the signal meter on the phones were all over the place. To make the story short, every brand of phone they had in there was at full bar and these two DVPs would go from four bars to no connection what so ever. I called T-Mobile and they changed the default settings from their end so that our our phones would use the Edge network, unfortunately that has not helped either.  I'm going to give them another chance and then I'll have to take my business elsewhere

  • I got a Dell Venue Pro 16gb as a gift and I'm using it in Australia. My 3G didn't work until I added in the APN and selected my own network provider. It worked perfectly after. That might be the same case for yours.

  • I too have issues with t-mobile cellular (and 3g) connectivity.

    It seems that as soon as reception is gone, the phone is unable to re establish a connection by itself. 

    Only when I first enable airplane mode and then disable airplane mode (and enter my PIN) it seems to get a signal again. 

    I'm hoping that it is software related and that a software or firmware update from dell will be made available to fix this.

    Or should I swap the device? 


  • I am waiting for the firmware update.  i never seen posted that any one's replacement phone corrected every issue.  i am still using my original phone recieved in dec 2010.  i have not had WIFI on in last 2 months.  i guess this is the issues we can encounter when dealing with new phone OS and new Dell phone.

  • I found out the fix for this issue: Turning off  'Sim Security' (under Phone > Settings)  solves this problem for me.

    The DVP now reconnects to the cell network by itself. 

    Hope this helps someone. :)