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Dell Streak android 2.3 support?

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Dell Streak android 2.3 support?

  • Hi,


    As per my information android has launched 2.3 version. What is the planes for dell? will you provide support for android 2.3 on dell streak? Any responsible person in dell who can provide me information?




  • Dell have not even debugged 2.2, thats still only worthy of Beta status. 2.3 is asking a lot. Don't expect to see it any time soon unless of course you want to try third party software who on the whole have done a more professional job in a ,matter of weeks than Dell have done with a team in months.

  • I think will should not try to hurry the guys at dell into rushing things up. Let them take their time and make sure all the bug are fixed before throwing it to the consumers. My streak runs official 2.2 with no problems.

  • So time passed and Dell gives nothing(no updates) to Streak users. Htc allready gave 2.3.5 apdate on their devices. It seems that Dell doesn't care no more about Streak 5 phones and left Streak owners all alone(without any support) with their devices.That's no good. And if Dell will not provide any updates  in a month or two me and all my friends will discontinue to deal with Dell devices anymore and will give appropriate feedback so people will know about Dell's support.

  • ... such a shame a company like Dell does not appreciate their customers and does not release update (2.3) for the dell mini streak. I will never buy a Dell product.

  • ... such a shame a company like Dell does not appreciate their customers and does not release update (2.3) for the dell mini streak. I will never buy a Dell product.

  • For God Sake, Nexus S got the 2.3.

  • all brands begin to produce a such gudget like dell streak mini 5, why Dell loose his model... its future....

  • i dont think so that dell will release 2.3 update in this year.....

    froyo 2.2 has lot of bugs  

  • I have installed the Olleh ROM (2.3.3) released in December 2011 and it works alright.

    More info here:

  • Please, Dell or ATT release this update for the US.

    One question for mrpaulsherwood, did you update the Olleh rom on a US ATT streak?

    If so please help in the process


  • I updated mine as well and for the most part it works pretty good.  Has a few bugs such as the Home button not always returning to the home screen and the worst is occasionally not being able to End a phone call (have even had to pull the battery to end a call once).

    Does your updated Streak think it is Korean?  Mine attempts to open Korean versions of certain websites (Google for example) and I have even had a couple of apps that attempted to load Korean versions and when I looked up the US specific app, it would not download claiming to be incompatible with my phone.

  • The default browser has all of its bookmarks set to korean versions. Just delete those and put the ones you want in.

    I have not seen any apps load korean versions.

    I had some weirdness with the olleh ROM as well. That made me want to move on to custom ROMS and such.

    It is SOOOOO easy to change ROMS. Most times your apps and settings don't even get changed.

    Always back up your important info before changing ROMS.