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Dell Streak Froyo (2.2) Update Frequently Asked Questions

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Dell Streak Froyo (2.2) Update Frequently Asked Questions

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Hi Folks,
I created this FAQ to share updated information and answers to some of the more popular questions we've been getting. Feel free to post any additional questions and/or comments here regarding the Froyo update on the Dell Streak.
Q. What if I am not a current Streak owner, but I plan to buy from Best Buy or Dell directly in the U.S.? Will Froyo be pre-installed?
UPDATED 4-8-11
A. For those AT&T customers who purchased a Streak from Best Buy prior to the Froyo update, here is a link to download the update if you don’t have it already:
Also, Streak with Froyo pre-installed is currently available on in the U.S.


Q. When will the Open Source code for Streak Froyo be available?
UPDATED 12-14-10
A. Source code is now available at .
Q. What if I buy my Streak in Japan, Korea or Singapore? Will it have Froyo preinstalled?
A. Yes, Streaks purchased in Japan, Korea or Singapore will have Froyo preinstalled.
Q. What if I installed a non-Dell version of Android on my Streak? Will I still get the update?
A. No.  The update will only be deployed to Streak units which have Dell-provided versions of Android.
Q. Where is the link to the Dell Mobile Sync software?
UPDATED 4-8-11
A. On the Dell Support Site, under Drivers and Downloads:
Q. What if I don’t want to use the Dell Stage Interface?
A. You can remove it by holding down your finger on the widget shortcut and choosing the delete option.
Q. Can I run the update, even if I don’t get the official notice, by copying the URL from someone else’s device?
A.  No, the final link to download the 2.2 Froyo update will be non-functional unless the browsing session is initiated via the software update mechanism on the Streak device. This is because the software update application in the device communicates with the OTA update server to authenticate the update session.   The link to the update is dynamically set to download the correct software package based on the device that is connecting to the update server. Please wait for the software update notice to display on the device itself, when your version of the software is ready for the upgrade.  You can continue to check for updates manually by going to Menu->Settings->About device->System Updates which will connect to the update server and correctly check for an update.
Q. Why is UK getting Froyo update before US?
A. Technically, that is not true. I'd like to clarify a rumor that got started Friday because of two tweets from UK customers. They had received an update message in error last Friday. I followed up with the team that deploys the updates and found out a small set of devices may have received a “Software Update is available” notice but when they selected it, they were directed to a webpage that indicated “No software updates available at this time.”  Shortly after I sent out the apology tweets to the two users, I got an update from the deployment team apologizing for the brief glitch. They also noted that the issue was fixed and no further devices would receive notices until the actual update was turned on. This OTA update is rolling out in phases to different groups of customers. Although I can’t share the exact scheduling, I can say that this week folks who were part of the US Beta testing group will be some of the first to receive the update. Then, folks in Europe with unlocked devices will start to receive the update.
Q. Why can't I have the EXACT date when my device will receive the Froyo update?
A. This has been a very controlled release and several factors affect the rollout. There are also many reasons for not sharing specific dates. For one thing, the rollout schedule changes periodically. This allows our deployment team to stop and fix issues they may discover. Other factors include logistics and coordination/approvals from third party providers. Appreciate your feedback and patience while we continue to roll the update out.
Q. I bought my Streak Unlocked, I received the OTA Froyo update, but I am getting the redirect error. When will Dell fix this?
UPDATED 12-14-10
A. Here is the latest Android 2.2 update for the unlocked phones that are currently on Dell version 3.09 or 3.15  that fixes the issue with browser redirect errors:
Q. I bought my Streak Unlocked, but have not received the update yet.
UPDATED 12-14-10
A.  Everyone (globally) who purchased an Unlocked version of the Streak should have received an update notice by now. If not, please manually check for your update by either 1. shutting down and rebooting or 2. going to Streak Settings – About Device and selecting System Updates.


Verified Answer
  • As I understand it , the procedure is to use the nero backup before updateing to 2.2 froyo, then restore your streak, uninstal dell pc suite and instal the new nero pc suite. the new pc suite will not work if you do not have the update to 2.2.

    am sure there are others that can explain better, hope that helps



  • I thing everyone in North America already upgraded to 2.2, via the About Phone - System Update method or they got a message on their screen when they booted up.  Even Rogers in Canada got the upgrade over a month ago.

    Call the dedicated 800 support number on the dell streak support page.

    There must clearly be something wrong with your unit.

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  • Hi Amy.....great news to our devices!!!!!! Streak is one of first unlocked devices out of USA and purchased in August 12th!!!!....then is able to my country is November 15th 2010 and is 13:13 hours, but the screen of my Streak is yet this:

    Thanks: Mauricio Villota.

  • I assume the Best Buy devices are locked to AT&T. Does this mean all AT&T Streaks will receive the update on December 3rd?

  • Amy....


    Q. What if I installed a non-Dell version of Android on my Streak? Will I still get the update?

    A. No.  The update will only be deployed to Streak units which have the factory installed version of Android.


    Couple of things to clarify please....

    1. What about 2.1 versions? They weren't "factory installed versions"
    2. Will 2.1 build version 6941 be update-able ?


    Thanks in anticapation

  • How about a US Dell Streak (originally with 1.6) that got O2 2.1 installed?


    I'm getting the same thing and I am in Australia. 

    My phone isn't locked to Optus (AFAIK) so why aren't I able to get the OTA update untill "Late December"



  • Hi Mauricio,


    I'm getting the same screen when I check for the update manually. I'm quite nervous with this and hope I get an auto update msg soon. Please let me know if & when you get one. I'm based out of Swindon, UK.


    - Ronak Gavandi

  • Hi Mauricio,

    If memory serves, you purchased a Streak from Dell with no AT&T contract but it was still locked to the AT&T network. Then, later, you were able to get AT&T to provide you with an unlocked code. Yours is a special circumstance, so I'm not sure when your update will occur. I am guessing that since we sold it to you without an unlock code (tied to the AT&T network), it will be getting an update in December.  However, we are slowly working through different groups of users this week, so there is a small chance you could see the update sooner.

    Please keep me posted.




  • What if I bought unsubsidized Dell Streak in USA and got it unlocked through ATT but has no ATT account? How and when do I get the notification?

  • Hi Amy,


    I have purchased my dell streak from Dell UK website, so basically it's a sim free phone. I checked (manually - Settings >> About Device >> System Updates) if I the update was available for me, but it took me to a screen displaying a msg - "No software updates available at this time". I then installed the dell back up application from the android market, rebooted my device, took a back up, checked for the update again but this time it displayed the following msg - "Your device is up to date".


    I do not get this, but still hoping for the best. Any idea, about when I may get the update notification?



    Ronak Gavandi

  • Any Ideas regarding a release for Rogers Wireless in Canada, or since they haven't shipped yet is it possible they will come with 2.2?


  • Hi Jeremy981,

    Yes, Best Buy devices currently in stores are locked to AT&T and will be eligible for the Froyo update in December.



  • Hi Grizlore,

    Good point. Thanks for asking for clarification. Factory installed also means the previous OTA updates that our European customers received for 2.1. In hindsight, the term "Dell provided" probably would have been more suitable. I will update the post.




  • I live in Canada and I ordered a Rogers-locked Streak direct from Dell Canada on November 9. When I read today that unlocked Streak is coming in a few weeks I called Customer Service Rep and tried to cancel my order. I want an unlocked unit. The CSR told me that my order is almost through the manufacturing process and they cannot cancel it at this stage. He said that I can return it when the courier delivers it to me. My question for you is, will Dell Canada also sell the unlocked units? If so, when? Alternatively, will there be any problem if I purchase the unlocked unit from the US?

  • Hi, I'm on an unlocked Streak bought from Dell UK with Vodaphone as provider. The local time here in UK is 23.26 15 Nov. Still no 2.2 update appearing. 

  • Hi, are is correct, my Streak was purchased in August 12th/2010 locked to AT&T and in September 18th/2010 AT&T sent my mail unlocked code.  Then in this case I have doubt about when I will receive message for update. Three days ago (Friday 12th) I have received a message with update, and it was available for my Streak for a moment, but it took me to a screen displaying this message:  "No software updates available at this time". And now November 15th this message is same.

    King regards.