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Dell Streak - Gorilla Glass Cracked - Can I get a replacement screen?

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I've enjoyed my Dell Streak, but accidentally dropped it, and was wondering if I could order a replacement screen or send the device somewhere to be repaired?  The device only suffered surface glass damage, the touch screen is fully functional.

I like the device and would love to get it restored to its former state.

Kind Regards,

Alan May



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  • You will have to wait two more months until Dell makes up its mind if it will do this kind of repair.  Until then, about all you can do is purchase a new one.

    I had the same thing happen to me and was very upset when the CSR stated that at this point, Dell can not repair the glass.  It is something that all future Streak buyers know well before purchasing.  Should you find a way to get a replacement, please let me know. 

    I have on record that if you have a concern about the glass breaking and you want to purchase a Streak, they will tell you again and again, it is something not to concern yourself with as the glass will not break....It is Gorilla Glass and is tough.  Even after asking if I needed to have the glass replaced, should it break, all of the CSR go back to the same exact line....You should not be concerned about the glass breaking.

    In hindsight, I would have never purchased a Streak.  Look at your phone.  The glass is encased by the plastic.  Being in the design field, this is bad as it traps the glass.  other phones would have a chip, but because of this design, it can do nothing but break.  Keep my info as I am sure that this post will be deleted after a Mod reads my post.  Again, if you are able to get a replacement out of it, please let me know.

    Best of luck Alan.


  • Hi Trevor,

    Thank you for sharing your experience. I'll let you know if I hear about any affordable solutions. 

    Kind Regards,



  • I'm not sure what Dell is doing about the broken Streaks. You might try the Dell facebook page because it seems like the people monitoring it try and respond to just about every posted issue.


    I did see a teardown on Wired Magazine's site. They suggest that the Streak should be easy to repair.

    Forum posts around the internet seem to be a mixed bag. Sometimes Dell will actually replace or repair the screens.

  • My Dell Streak Gorilla Glass broke today...i was coming back from eating dinner with the family and walking up the stairs the DELL STREAK fell out of my jacket pocket....and bam crash has  all types of cracks and glass pieces all over the place...


    I immediately called dell customer care to see what my options where and the CSR...WAS JUST GREAT. She went out of her way to take care of all my issues and she did...before i knew it she had ask for my service tag on my Streak...and some personal info and the next thing you knew it was getting a email confirming that my NEW DELL STREAK was on the way....UPS TRACKING # i was quick it was being resolved....THANK YOU DELL.....and for the record the Android 2.2 update is rolling out for the Streak for AT&T LOCKED SIM....ALL IN THE WEEK OF JANUARY 12 2011 THRU Beginning thru Feb 2011....

  • Howdy ricanpone529, Glad to hear they took care of your broken screen.

  • What does gorilla glass really mean? The first thing that happened when I got my Streak was a nasty scratch in the middle of the screen. I'm not sure what caused it.

  •   HI,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 I     just  perchased my Dell streak  about  half month ,and dropped  it  from my pant pocket  accidentally  ,it is about  100CM hight  ,makes the   surface  glass cracked  I  call the streak department  ,and I was told it can not be replace ,the only way I can do is send the product  back  and change a new one , then will cost me 250 dollars.

    I paid 500dollars  for this phone ,but I have to paid 250dollars only for glass damage.and the sell person issued so many times that GLORILLLA GLASS is very

    durable and strong,but I felt this device will be broken very easily, and    who can   guarantee     will not drop their phone when   they use it  , after      accident , it can not be repaired  ..Is that a good customer service from this kind of big company ?

    I think more glass damage thing will happen ,Dell streak company should provide the replace service !

    Great day ,

    Jing Chen


  • My screen broke last month and I decided to buy a replacement from ebay at £50. I had seen how easy it was to open your dell streak on youtube (

    It now works as good as new.

    Good luck.

  • Just got off the phone and subsequent chat with dell representatives. I can pay $250 for a new streak, otherwise, i have to live with the cracks. Looks like I'll be switching back to my Palm Pre Plus. Glad to see Gorilla Glass shatters like porcelain under pressure.

  • I've broken my gorilla glass at dell streak 5.

    how can i change it, if i'm living not in the usa?

  • well it is advised to have someone who knows how to do it, but on the other hand I can do it, and it will be about $75, or you can have dell do it for for you at 250. or yourself for 39.99, just the chances are you may distroy it. so you have three chooses, pick one

  • ship it to me and I will make it like new, Oh sorry manners, the names Justin Degenaars, I own an IT business Called JP web design and hosting, one side deals with web sites. the other, well anything IT. If you pay for shipping, I will make it 75 dollars to fix it back up to knew.  

  • ship it to me and I will make it like new, Oh sorry manners, the names Justin Degenaars, I own an IT business Called JP web design and hosting, one side deals with web sites. the other, well anything IT. If you pay for shipping, I will make it $75 dollars to fix it back up to new.

  • heh, 75dollars+2*shipping (70dollars)=145$ - wow...

    it's quite expensive...

    i hope, i can repair it in my country...

  • well you may want to do it yourself, check ebay.