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Replacement Screen for Dell Streak

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First things, first.  I'd like to make the Streak owners without a broken screen aware of how potentially fragile the screen can be.  From what I had read, I assumed that the screen could take a reasonable beating and in most cases, that's probably true.  But alas, I dropped my Streak and now the glass is shattered.

Here is my story to add to the list:

I was sitting at a park picnic table that sits on a concrete slab.  I was facing away from the table top with my legs out.  I was checking into FourSquare and while I was waiting for the GPS to get a fix, I decided to do my usual slide-the-phone-on-my-thigh-to-wipe-the-screen move and when I turned the Streak over to finish checking in, I lost my grip and it slid down my legs and hit the ground.  It even hit my shoes before landing.  I was instantly disappointed at my clumsiness, expecting to pick it up with some scuff marks on the ends.  I was blown away with disappointment when I realized that the screen was cracked as well.  The Streak hit with very little force, but I must have found the (not-so-sweet) sweet spot.  That, or there was a defect in my particular unit's screen.

My wife also has a Streak and has dropped it several times with only minor damage to the plastic ends.  One time it shut off when she dropped it, but it powered back on.  Those drops were from about pocket height onto ceramic tile which is probably a little better than a concrete slab.

What's the next step?

Well, the first thing I did, was to order the plastic Dell case for my wife's Streak.  My hopes for it being a real Streak-saver are minimal, but I have to assume that it's better than nothing.  I hope to get something better if/when more third parties decide to offer cases.

I also looked into getting insurance for our phones, but that doesn't look promising.

I then contacted Dell, and, after several transfers, finally was able to ask the question of all questions: "Can I order a new screen?"  Nope.  The lady I spoke to, said that replacement screens aren't available for purchase "yet."  I'm really hoping that that means what I want it to mean.  That, in the future, we will be able to order a replacement screen.

I've replaced the home button on an iPhone before (which is more complicated than you might think) so I'm not at all afraid of tackling this repair myself.  I just need the part.  Looking at the Streak teardown at, the Streak's design is fairly well suited to self-repair.

I'm not completely convinced that this is an absolute design flaw, yet.  But I do join the group that suggests that Dell needs to handle this issue sooner rather than later.  My Streak still works, but I had to put a piece of tape over the crack origination spot to keep as much of the bits of glass still in place as I could.  It will only be a matter of time before the screen completely falls apart.  I just hope I don't cut myself when it does!

Call to action for Dell?  Please give us the ability to order replacement parts.

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  • Dropped mine from waist high on my fourth day of ownership and shatterd the screen. I would rather have a plasctic screen with screen protector than this so called "Gorilla Glass". Next phone I get I will make sure I can get parts and/or a warranty... Lesson learned I guess.

  • The warrantee doesn't work for dropped devices.  And the official AT&T insurance isn't much help either.  The official AT&T insurance wanted to replace my Streak with a Blackberry Torch.  After requesting that I at least get another Android device, they agreed to a Samsung Galaxy S--for an additional $150.

    Not happy.  Not happy at all.

  • Wow.  I agree, that's not much help at all.  Doesn't even sound worth it.  You could almost buy the Galaxy S outright for that much.  And it's no Streak.  Maybe it will take falls better though...

  • I have just dropped mine as I got out of my car and shattered the bullet proof glass screen , forgot it was on My lap. I thought "oh well I'll call Dell and get it repaired"............

    How amazed am I to find out that the dell streak glass is irrepairable. It's only a bit of glass, the thing still works it hasn't even damaged the lcd. Thanks Stefani 172643...........

    Back to apple for me. At least they have spare parts.

  • My dell streak lcd broke the day I got it, just from me accidentally resting my arm on it at my desk (!)

    I've got nowhere with O2, and want to send it to Dell but can't seem to get an RMA from them (I've tried but get an email back from them saying my details don't match :S )

    There's absolutely no damage to the outside of the unit and I'm convinced this is a design flaw.  I'm several hundred pounds down and would even be willing at this stage to just buy a replacement screen and fit it (I've carried out plenty of screen replacements before without issue) if only Dell would make the parts available..

  • The LCD cracked on mine too... i dropped it onto the carpet off my bed, wich is only like 1 - 2 feet of the floor, it landed awkward and the lcd cracked big time, i now cant use the phone at all. so i thought ill give dell a call see what they can do for me.


    im now stuck with a lovely paper weight. i went to carphone warehouse and they said they can repair it for £157. i was wondering though, how can they possibly do it if dell cant!.

  • Where does it say Gorilla Glass is bullet proof?

    Gorilla® Glass Characteristics

    The reasons to choose Gorilla glass keep adding up. When you choose Gorilla glass, you’ll get more than just unparalleled damage resistance and protection:

    • Thinner form factor: Gorilla glass retains its performance advantage over standard chemically strengthened substrates even when used in thin form factors. Currently, Gorilla glass is available as-drawn in thicknesses ranging from .5 mm – 2.0 mm.
    • Pristine surface quality: Because it is formed using Corning’s proprietary fusion process, Gorilla glass offers the same high-quality pristine surface available with all of our high-technology display substrates. This feature offers the ability to use the glass “as drawn,” eliminating lapping and polishing processes which can introduce surface damage.
    • Compliance with environmental standards: Gorilla glass is compliant with the Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive (RoHS). It contains no heavy metals, making it an ideal component for devices engineered to meet environmental standards.
    • Compatibility with touch screen devices: Gorilla glass can be used as a protective cover sheet for touch screen devices without impeding the functionality of the device. Reliable strength is important for these types of devices that function in response to pressure being applied to the glass.
    • Available with an easy-to-clean, wear-resistant coating: Customers can specify a version of Gorilla glass with a special coating, making it easier to clean than other cover glasses. This is especially useful for devices that function by touch.
  • I just dropped my new DELL Streak Android.  Sigh...

    Screen shattered and appears like a peacock/fan-tail of glass shreds.

    I  had attached rubber strips on the underside to stop the Streak slipping of e v e r y t h i n g.  (The factory Streak is very sleek AND "slippery")

    I didn't get the $14/month (x 24 months) insurance, so just forked out $280 for a direct Optus replacement (as unrepairable). (Mental note: do not put Streak in shirt pocket, esp while exiting vehicle parked on concrete)

    I like the Streak (save for the fact that I was still waiting for Android2.2), so I am glad to pay the $280 to get my next Streak.

    And yes, including a place to attach a wrist/neck strap on the Streak would not be rocket science. But then again, rocket science is soo 1960s!



    ps. re: 1960s: Remind me to port Algol68 to Android OS! Yay!

    pps. I was getting the message "Download unsuccessful please try again later" So of course the bonus of this whole event is that I dont have to figure out why google market was giving me grief as I am getting a new Streak!!! ;-)

  • I also have broken my screen. I was sitting on the couch and my 2 year old came over to me and it got knocked down only to the floor which had rug on it. The screen got cracked- the lcd was damaged. When I contacted Dell they were not interested. They said that they would not do anything because I had had the phone for 27 days already or something. It was crazy! It was bought without any type of contract so it was very expensive - then to have them not care was very frustrating. Phone works, however I can only use half of the screen which does not help when I do not know where the right icons are located. I am very irritated and if anyone does get anywhere with them on a new screen please update! Thanks so much!

  • Im just going to try and replace the screen on ,mine myself. someone in another post said that they sell them on ebay. so im gunna give it a go when i get money next since dell refuse to do anything about it, and someone sent theirs off to carphone warehouse. and it came back in the same state. so i figure, if those multo-billionaire corporation's of pricks are going to over price something and then not offer support, i may as well try it myself. 

  • re: Where does it say Gorilla Glass is bullet proof?

    Gorilla Glass stress test:
    * crack/scratch test (by Gorilla Glass vendor?) - no LCD underneath
    * Independent stress test with a pen.

    ps. Last week I dropped my DELL Streak.
    Mine was worse then this one: LINK (note that the surface is imploded along the entire top edge)



  • For the record, I am not absolutely sure that my model of the DELL Streak came with Gorilla Glass as I have not read it in my product guide.  I am starting to suspect that it may not have had the Gorilla Glass.  The DELL Model is M01M-M01M001.

    More details of the "repair" process.

    1. I rang the Optus retail outlet, it turns out I had not provided the phones Tax Invoice so the phone was not shipped for repair last week.
    2. Optus will take from 7 to 10 days to repair/replace this phone.  Add another 4 days because of the delay in shipping.
    3. On another angle, I rang DELL Australia... 1800733314
    4. I needed to provide DELL the "Service Tag" (A 7 digit alphanumeric code from under the battery cover, so photo copy it!!) Without this you will not get anywhere.
    5. Once I got a photocopy of the "Service Tag" (from the Optus retail outlet) I called DELL again, I got transferred from their Laptop support, then to their server support who then gave me Optus Australia's support number: 133937.
    6. I asked DELL if they could help in any other way, and the DELL guy said he would escalate and have DELL complaints contact me regarding Gorilla Glass.

    I have to add that in this entire process I found the staff of both DELL and Optus were friendly and - while constrained in some ways - these guys were able to think of alternative ways to escalate the issue.  I did have one "Optus Aussie Lass" who was obviously reading from a "manage distressed customer" script.  She appeared confused as to why waiting up to weeks for my DELL Streak repair was disappointing.

    Naturally I feel really silly about this whole incident, and I am SO GLAD I am with Optus.  Of couse if I don't receive a replacement I'm going to feel really silly.

    I feel a bit bad for DELL because the Streak is rather nice, and to have such a simple defect destroy so many Streaks has the potential of burning their mobile phone aspirations.  Note the DELL Model number M01M-M01M001, lots of Zero and Ones. When I get my replacement Streak the first thing I will do it protect the corners with some Ultimate Self Fusing Silicon Tape , this will stop it sliding everywhere too. And then I will somehow attach a wrist/neck strap.  Shame there are not some DELL Streak protective accessories available in the Optus shop.

    Until I post the photos of the damage I have here are some of the descriptions of the Gorilla Glass damage:

    • Appears to be prone to damage to a side-strike on the edge.
    • Appears to produce lots of very find glass shreds which I had to pick out from my fingers with tweezers.  (Insert broken Streak into plastics bag, not your pocket)
    • The two largest Gorilla Glass chunks missing are 4㎜ × ¾㎜ in size! (Bear in mind the Streak fell out of my top pocket while exiting the car, a 1½m drop max).

    BTW: Who is the real designer and manufacturer of this the "DELL" Streak?

    Good luck all



  • Did anyone find any parts for the DELL STREAK

    Like the G glass

    if yes please share your source

    I have asked "Global Direct Parts" but they don't have any parts for that phone

    thank you

  • Fear not my fellow Streak users, for I hopefully can be of service.  I too was unfortunate enough to break my Dell Streak screen but could not find a service centre to repair my Streak. So, with this in mind, I set out to source parts for the Dell Streak and am now proud to offer my service for Dell Streak Repairs.

    I used to work for a company who repaired PDA handhelds a few years back and we were the only repair centre Dell chose to forward all out of warranty repairs too. 

    I no longer work for the company and hope to go it alone amongst the sea of already established repair centres. 

    Please take a look at my site.  It's basic, I know but I'm still learning how to make websites!

    I hope I am able to help you all.

    Kind regards,



  • Hi,

    I got me a Dell Streak . Dropped it and the screen is cracked. How can u help.