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Connecting a Streak to a PC

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Connecting a Streak to a PC

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I've had my Streak for a few weeks, and initially was able to use the USB cable to link to my PC so that I saw the Streak as a removable drive and could transfer files.

I had problems with the PC  and needed to reload it OS upwards (XP SP3) - since then the Streak is not recognised by the PC. The USB is connected and the Streak is being charged,

When I connect the USB cable to the PC and Streak , I see the Streak figuring out a USB is connected and it then  confirms "Ready to Copy Media files" although I don't get the message on the Streak giving the options for file transfer.

If I have the "My Computer" window open on my PC  - I can see the removable drive icon momentarily but then it disappears. . I have tried loading PC Sync but it always showed the Streak as disconnected.
The problem is either something with my PC although the USB ports work OK with other remote drives or i am doing something stupid


Has anyone any idea what the problem is - I really want to start loading some music files

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  • Take the flash card out of the device and try and access it directly from your computer. You should be able to put some music on it that way. And you can start to cross of what the problem could be. As it could be your computer, the drivers, your dell, the flash card, the lead.

  • Thanks - I went a few steps further, the Streak will hook up to another PC (Work Laptop)  and I can transfer files, so it looks like its something in the PC. I've checked the USB controllers, drivers  etc. and everything is up to date and working for other devices so it's something specific to the Streak's "connection" to this PC