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Will Streak work 3G on TMOUS ?

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Will Streak work 3G on TMOUS ?

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Several rumors, now that your advertising final hardware, can you put many of us at rest, and indicate, if the Streak will support 3G on T-Mobile.

That is a deal breaker for me, because AT&T has too many dead areas in my zone.

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  • I'm wondering the same thing. I'm stuck with Edge on both AT&T and T-Mobile here. I have a year left with my contract with T-Mobile, so if I ever get 3G in this area, I'd like to have a phone that will support T-Mobile's 3G bands.

  • According to the specs on the pre launch page it won't. It's only showing ATT 3G.


  • RAW19,


    That is true, but there are several references to the final hardware for an unlocked phone, being able to support the 1700/2100 HDSPA band which is 3G on TMOUS.

    Just looking for more concreate answer, then what spittle is coming from Dell.

  • The answer is no it will not work on TMOUS 3G and here is the proof straight from Dell:




    I am severely disappointed yet again.  Time to move on.  Oh and I know most of us have all seen the TMOUS version that passed the FCC.  Fact is, it's not coming this year....

  • Yep, I'm definitely disappointed, too. We'll be moving to an area with T-Mobile 3G and I can't see being stuck with another slow device. EDGE (if I'm lucky enough to get that around here) is worthless.


  • Well there is always the Vibrant.  It is/was my second choice to the Streak.  Not to mention the fact that it is out now and that it WILL work on TMO's 3G network.


    Or  wait some more for the Blaze.......AKA the upgraded version of the G1.

  • Well I am going bigger, seems this manufacturer will have 3g TMOUSabilities, but it is not reflected in the Tech Sheet.




    This is a 7" Android 2.1, wifi, cameras, and more...

  • Good job Dell. You're losing tons of pre-orders. All of us G1 owners have been waiting for a phone to come along to upgrade. I guess we'll wait for HTC to release something better.

  • Don't bother getting your hopes up over that one. I'm still crying about it. UMTS band 900 and 2100 only. No North American bands period. The only hope for a bigger 7" device right now lies with Samsung. Even the Dell Looking Glass isn't an option right now. It won't have phone capabilities at all.