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Dell Venue 11 Pro 7130 - Temporary Freezes / Stalls

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Dell Venue 11 Pro 7130 - Temporary Freezes / Stalls

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My Dell Venue 11 Pro 7130 regularly freezes/stalls for a few sseconds on seemingly trivial operations.  This happens even when I have very few apps running, so it's not an overall system load issue.  Usually, the system becomes unresponsive (including mouse / touch) for 3 seconds or so.  But sometimes its longer.  I set a screen saver, and this caused a 15s freeze.  Even typing text causes a few tenths of a second freeze every 15 characters or so.   

I was intending to use this as a mobile work device, but it's not useable with performance like this.  I've installed all the driver updates and windows updates.  Any suggestions on what might be causing and what might fix this?  I have this bitlocker encryption enabled.  Should that have a detrimental effect on responsiveness?

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  • I have similar strange behaviour. Very first it happens on the very first power on while windows user setup. Now happening seldom.

    In that combination, when I press the sleep button (power on button) and re-awake, the display shows very fast and very much "touches" and clicks on the screen as if the touchscreen recognized "***" WITHOUT TOUCHING THE SCREEN. Only a going to sleep mode and re-wake can stabilize it.

    BIOS is A6, 7130, i3

  • Hi I noticed you have the A06 bios where can I find it? All I see is a05. I have the i5 4300Y 7130

  • HendricksonNZ

    Hi I noticed you have the A06 bios where can I find it? All I see is a05. I have the i5 4300Y 7130

    Ours came with A06 installed.  We ordered 6 of them for work, and they all have the freezing and touch screen issues.

  • As I could see, the A6 is not (yet) available on the support drivers homepage. Only A5...

    Don't know if this might be another issue:

    Sometimes after BIOS exit or after shutdown (not sleep), it tooks several seconds (more than 4 or so..) to push down Power button to switch it on. The normal case shold be to hold it max 1-2 seconds . (?)

  • my Venue is Pro 11 7130, 2 month young and I have the same exact issue, screen is freezing for no reason, response time vary from 2 seconds to sometimes have to restart the machine. BUT, i was surprisingly shocked to find that the machine was not actually in freezing mode IT IS ONLY THE SCREEN. not only because i can hear the unique buzz of the on-screen home button but because if you have a second screen attached to the venue, the computer continues to function on external screen as normal, open applications and browse the web. mouse moves with no issue but you can not get to Home screen. also, i was able to use the task bar on secondary monitor to RIGHT CLICK any app i had running and MOVE it over to the secondary monitor where i can continue my work as normal until Venue wakes up from that weird keep happening behavior. not sure is ti one of windows update but it's actually a serious issue that DELL needs to look at it, my plan is to purchase 20 of those for work but i will hold it for now !!

  • That's a very interesting observation.  There's a much bigger thread on all the issues reported with this computer here:

    I'm gonna repost what you wrote over there, as I'm not sure they are aware that the freeze beehaves like that, at least sometimes.