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Latitude 10 ST2 silent BIOS update?

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Latitude 10 ST2 silent BIOS update?

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Hi all!  

We've got a bunch (1000+) of these tablets headed our way for a project.  Most of the machines have been arriving with the A01 BIOS.  

We need to upgrade these to the A02 (or now, A03) BIOS before deploying.  

So far, I can't find a way to silently update the BIOS version.  

I've tried all the standard Dell switches that work for our other Latitudes as well as some other guesses, to no avail.  

/s /f





Anyone else have any luck with this?

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  • Hi Jason,

    DId you get anywhere with this? I am having the same problem.


  • After much pestering...


    The new A04 BIOS has a /nopause switch available, which should fit the bill.  I haven't tested it yet to confirm, but this is from our Dell rep. 

  • Thanks, so i suspect that means that you cannot silently install A04, but once A04 is installed you will then be able to silently install any future BIOS updates..

    Thanks for the reply.



  • I tested this with the new A05 Bios update.  Running with the "/nopause" switch allowed me to upgrade a Latitude 10 from BIOS A03 to A05 silently.  Thankfully, this finally is working.