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DVP and Digital Compass, how?

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DVP and Digital Compass, how?

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I know this is beating the dead horse, but I'm just curious as to how Dell can release the Venue Pro, WITHOUT THE COMPASS? I mean, that is a minimum requirement for a windows phone, and Dell doesn't meet it!


Now, I personally don't care about the compass because I've used it exactly ZERO times in any other WP that I've owned. I mainly just want to get a conversation going about this, so Dell knows that we want ALL of our device features, that we are supposed to have.

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  • I agree that the Compass is a basic feature promised by Dell for the Venue Pro. I have also read in other forums that this feature was present on the Dell website till Jan 2012 when it was removed. I also read that this feature was present in Mango BETA testing and when Mango finally released, the feature went missing because some dll was renamed. 

    I think Dell can easily activate the feature by renaming the DLL for the compass and it needs to provide the update at the earliest. I also agree with you that this feature was a promised feature and it needs to keep the commitment. 

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    agree... though don't hold your breath.  The DVP is now discontinued, so we'll see how much support we'll have for the device.