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Dell Streak 7 will not turn on-force start doesn't work

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Dell Streak 7 will not turn on-force start doesn't work

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the tablet does not turn on- although the side menu items are lit.  I tried the force stop and hitting the on/off button (at one time and simutaneously) and this does not work. 

any other suggestions?  thanks.

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  • Have you tried the pin reset button?

  • The reset button is located just at side of the sdcard.

    what color is the led?

    If is red and ones you push the button to turn it on it just blinks red, that means that it needs to be charge, or other wise is something else.

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  • Have you tried the pin reset button?

  • I just found the pin reset button and it worked. now is it also  charging ok.  Thanks for responding.

  • I'm glad you got it to work again.

  • Ok just had to use the pin reset on my Streak 7 this morning!

    Used it last night set it on night stand, went into sleep mode plugged it in battery charged all was fine! Tryed to turn on this morning and would not power up? Went on line looked up and found how to force on, tried that! Would not power on! Found this post and reset with pin reset after reading about it here. All seems fine for now.

    My question is what happend to cause this? Is this the start to more problems ? This table is only a little over a month old!

    Have read some bad things about this table in other forums and now it seems Dell has dropped it from production! I have always bought Dell products all my desk and laptops have been Dell and have always had good luck with them! So when I decided to buy a table my first choice was Dell then after making my purchase I find Dell has dropped the product. Found that disturbing! And Now I starting to have problems with the table! More disturbing!

    Have I made a mistake and bought a turkey this time?

  • I  have the same issue with my Dell Streak 7

    When it powers on I just get the Dell Logo that flashes like it is turning on but never does. I tried to force off and then volume button thing, but it still goes to the dell logo and just keeps flashing like it wants to turn on

    I am assuming the reset button is alongside where the SD card would go in and is the same thing used for the force off

    Any ideas? My next option is to let it flash till the battery dies and try to let it stay dead for a day and then charge it and try again


  • Yes, the pin reset is located in the small pin hole next to the SD card slot.

    Concerning the reliability of the Dell Streak 7, I bought mine in August of 2011 and have been very happy with it. Though it is not as smooth and perfect as an iPad, however, I didn't pay $500 for it. I have been using it within its limit and have not had any problem. Remember that Android, in its current version, is like a beta OS. It is not perfect. It has many flaws. It does not work perfectly with the current DS 7 hardware. The DS 7 was first sold running Android 2.2 and had only got the updated to Android 3.2 in the Fall of 2011. Android 2.2 is a phone OS. Android 3.2 is made for a 7" tablet. In my opinion, the DS 7 running 3.2 is good enough for its limited hardware. After I updated to the recently release 514 ROM, I have found that the DS 7 is running much smoother with less rebooting. If you have not update yours to the 514 ROM, follow this link for the instruction.

    Why did Dell discontinue the DS 7? I don't know. However, I see a flaw in the way many people are thinking. A tablet is not a computer. We make a big mistake when we equate it to a computer, i.e. able to upgrade and extending the life of it with new hardware and memory, etc.. A tablet is like many other small consumer electronic, like an mp3 player or an iPod if you don't know what an mp3 player is. It was manufactured with a specific hardware and software capability. So if you want to upgrade your tablet, you have to buy a new model. Yes Dell is discontinuing the DS 7, but they will be releasing a new tablet in the Fall. So don't be disappointed when you hear that the DS 7 is discontinued. In fact, it was most likely that you got a very good deal when you bought your DS 7 BECAUSE it is a discontinue model.

    So, use it within its limits. Remember that Android tablets are still beta devices, and you are Google's beta tester. Upgrade to a newer and better model when you can. I will now get off my soap box. :)

    By the way, Happy New Year! (To those who celebrate the Lunar New Year.)

  • the streak 7 and or streak both have native android opp system, the streak being either froyo or gingerbread. the swtreak seven having froyo honeycomb (offical and custom rooted) and now will be getting unoffical ics. As they completely miss the point that Android phones or android tablet are getting ICS in less then a month or two, instead of half a year.

  • my streak 7 has been doing this for two days now. I have let it go dead and tried it, plugged it in and charged it..tried over and over and still nothing! Im ticked and dont know what to do.Have used the reset pinhole and that doesnt work either-

  • Hi cheetohb,

    Can you try reseating the battery, then plug it in to charge for at least 30 minutes (while powered off)? If it does not reach at least 10% charge by then, you may have hardware issue. Make sure there are no issues with your charger connection or cable.

    Let me know if any of these steps help resolve the issue.



  • I have the same problem tried pin reset etc etc etc. not sure what you mean by Reseating the battery"? I just got my Streak 7 for a Christmas gift and it barely lasted 3 months, is there somewhere I can take it to be fixed or mail it in and get a replacement? I am sure Dell stands behind their products. My Streak is just stuck in the Dell logo, spins and spins have tried the pin re set, factory re set and nothing. Thanks for your help hope to hear back on this subject soon.



    Reseating the battery basically means removing it and then connect it again to ensure it is properly plugged in.  Can you try my suggested steps and let me know if that helps?  If you still have issues, then I'll send you an email to follow up and collect your info so we can research an alternate solution.



  • Hi, my dell streaks worked very good but today it start to became very very slow. I tryed to reset it, but still didn´t work. I tryed to plug in battery until the charge lights becames green, around 90% battery) then  started  holding + and the turn on/off button. It did´t work; ecause the last time that happened another problem i choosed the reset factory optional, and the dell streak starts again, but now, nothing happened, it still stays in the same state, on dell´s logo. What can i do? please help me!

  • Thanks Amy for your reply however I was unaware the battery could be removed from the Dell Streak 7 can you please explain this in more detail? I had thought about the battery removal, as have done that with cell phones when they would freeze up.

    Will be awaiting your suggestions and directions


  • @CVSALES. When you said you did thefactory reset, what did you mean, how did you do the factory reset?

  • Used the pin reset first to turn off Streak, than holding down vol + and power buttons to access next screen with options to factory reset etc, have done this so many times and nothing every happens, my Streak always returns to the dell flashing logo only, have connected to my computer, loads drivers but the computer never recognizes the tablet. Hope you have some suggestions. I have called Dell and am waiting on a reply

    Thanks CVSALES