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Dell Streak 7 won't turn on

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I have a Dell Streak 7, and the screen won't turn on, nor will the charge light come on.  The 3 side buttons on the right side of the tablet stay on.  I tried troubleshooting but nothing is working.....

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  • Hiya you tried the pin reset switch ?

    Try theese methods if its still locked up

    Smile  Hiya From UK Smile

    Dell Streak-7  Force Shutdown / Hard-Reset / Safemode / Recovery  info

  • Oh nice....that took care of it.  Many thanks....

  • Where is the reset pin switch?



  • inside the simcard/Sdcard draw theres a tiny hole use a Blunt pin to push the switch inside

    Smile  Hiya From UK Smile

    Dell Streak-7  Force Shutdown / Hard-Reset / Safemode / Recovery  info

  • Thank you.  That worked.  Too bad this was not mentioned in the booklet or even under troubleshooting tips online.


  • Just got the Streak for Chrismas the same thing happened.  When I get off work I will see if this works for me.

  • Thank you it worked and to think that I was waiting for a Dell Tech on the phone for almost an hour...

  • Ditto, I received this tablet for Christmas and tonight it shut down and wont power on. My husband is on phone waiting on a Dell Rep & has been waiting for quite sometime. I went to this site and read everyones responses. Will try & re-set pin, hope it works for me. Do other tablets made by different companies do the same?    Hubby just reset pin & is now working, Thank You all.  Note: Tablet didn't power off & not power back on until after I receive a notification Text from a TextPlus. Once I opened up and read this notification stating I can send Text Messages and asigning me a phone number, tablet then shut off.

  • I have been powering mine off before I charge.  Have not had it happen since.  Not sure if this has antthing to do with it.


  • Many THX!  I just purchased a refurb a week ago and already forgot about the reset "hole".  Then I dropped the Streak-7 trying to adjust it into a car mount......doh  The red light and the 3 touch buttons stayed on and nothing was working to power it on or off.  I think I won't forget now......Cool


  • My tablet Streak 7 is brand new and became wrong without tougching it...

    The Dell sible apperar and stay flashing in the background... I wait the whole ninght and nothing happended... Did not came on... I tried reset switch and nothing. What do you resommend me?

  • Make sure you have it fully charged; if that is the case and still nothing, it sounds DOA and you should return for replacement