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Streak 5 - USB/Charger port failure not covered under Dell's warranty

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Streak 5 - USB/Charger port failure not covered under Dell's warranty

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I have been a big Dell Streak 5 fan all along, but today I lost my faith in Dell...


Over the weekend, the USB/Charger (PDMI) port on my Dell Streak failed: the two plastic tabs that protect the metal pins gave away.

The fragile construction of it had worried me from the beginning, but charging at least once a day is a must, and what I had feared happened despite careful use.

Without the plastic, it is not possible to insert the connector without the risk of bending and shorting the pins...

(See picture below)


I called Dell Mobility Support, hoping for a repair or replacement offer, given the remaining 3 months of warranty, and failure during normal use.

However, I was told quite rapidly, that this is not covered under normal warranty, and that a replacement would be $249.

My insistance that failure under normal use must be covered under normal warranty, towards my customer satisfaction, did not change Dell's position.


Given the absurd offer, I am left to my own devices. As a workaround, I will look into external chargers or glueing the adapter permanently.

I welcome additional suggestions!


Unless this post will lead to a satisfactory solution (Dell, anyone?), I am walking away both as a Streak-5 fan and as an ex-Dell customer... Sad



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  • Hi TUTIS_2002 , I have exactly similar problem with my Dell Strek 7. I found on Ebay port for Dell Strek 5 but it is not compatible with Dell Streak 7, so do not buy for Dell Streak 5 port. I am searching everywhere in the internet to buy one port, but, until now had no luck to find one. Please if you find anywhere the spare part for your Dell Streak 7, please let me also know about. My dell is totally dead and I could not use it for more than two months now. 

    Best regards; 


  • Check this one on Ebay. It is very cheap and it ships internationally. If you know anywhere where I can find the same thing for my Dell Streak 7 I would be more than grateful.

  • This may also be an inspiration for replacing charging cable: either glue to dock, or use external battery charger.

    PS: I switched back to Sony-Ericsson, no more Dell Mobile for me, ever.

  • I've not been able to find parts for my Dell Streak 7, I sent a Dell and I will answer within one month, to see what I say. a greeting

  • Hello I to have had the same situation of my charger working for 1 year, 3 weeks after warantee expired the charge no longer works. I've contacted Dell and it was like pulling hair out of my head to only realize no service what so ever. Dell is aware of this issue or better said defect.  In Speaking to Dell Customer Service I was advised that I would have to send them $280. for a phone replacement which to me makes no sense "Why would I pay for another phone when I have one that is defected. I am not going to stop with my contacting Dell until they do the right thing and fix this issue. I don't advise anyone to pay more or be stuck with a phone that does not work. It is very hard to located a Dell representative in Canada or USA as the 1800 numbers go to India. The phone itself is a good phone but as for the charging issue needs attention. If anyone can help me find a North American contact for Dell that will be a great help. David my advise to you is don't give up the fight contact Consumer Affairs and have them step in. Its time for Dell to step up and fix this issue if all of us in this forum has the same issue then we all know its a defect and there is a thing called manufactures defect and that means the company should re call these phones and fix them. 


  • You are spot on. It is a design flaw. I have the same issue and am planning to get an external charger and a spare battery

  • Bro, I don't think you would get any resolution from Dell regarding this issue of yours.  First, they have put a charger port which is not at all durable and then they refuse to replace this under warrantly (for obvious reasons, this would not come under warranty as they know this would invariably break no matter how careful you are).

    I am facing similar issue with my Dell Streak with no resolution from Dell.  Once they sell you something, Dell does not care about the customer anymore.

    I have decided to not use any Dell product ever and make sure that my family and friends also do not use their product.

  • You're spot on Streete5.  We must contact Consumer Affairs and make sure that these phones are recalled by Dell and then replaced by a new phone which has a durable charger port.

    If anyone of you need any kind of help from me regarding this, please let me know.

    I am visiting Consumer Affairs tomorrow morning to file a formal complaint.

  • Would you be willing to sell your Dell Streak 5 and if so how much do you require?

    James Guenes

    <ADMIN NOTE : Email id removed per privacy policy>

  • how many layers of tape did u put to make it work n an innovative idea must say

  • I bought spare I bought spare charging ports on Ebay and a local cell phone dealer installed for $20.Working perfectly now.These spare charging ports were $6 for 3 on Ebay.This is the best soloution.But one must take care to insert the cable correctly in future!

  • I have the spare charging port, but haven't gotten to install it...


    Anyone knows if it requires soldering to replace the port?



  • Yes it does require soldering and many local cell phone shops (South Africa) do know how to perform the replacement or alternatively know of someone who can do it.There's also a video on Youtube which takes you through step by step.Hope this helps?!

  • I Had the same problem with my Dell Streak 5 - broken charger port. The port is 5$ on Ebay and repair 45$ on professional.

    Now my Dell is Ok!