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Honeycomb 3.2 upgrade

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Honeycomb 3.2 upgrade

  • I installed Honeycomb 3.2 via the SD card last night.  Everything went smooth and I like the standard Honeycomb interface.  There is an app to download a newer (?) version of Dell's interface, but I'm not sure I will do that.

    However, it did erase all of my downloaded applications.  It installed many new applications, some of which were the same as what were already installed when the Streak 7 came out of the box.  I had no problem downloading those apps again and they seem to be working fine.

    Worth the effort.  Now, is there a revised Operator's Manual that describes the changes associated with using 3.2 versus 2.2.2?

  • Where did you get the Honeycomb binary?


  • I did find it on the Dell website, downloaded to my computer and copied over to the SD card.  I think I Googled it to find it.

  • i just bought mine, Over the air upgrade was offered within 2 minutes of firing up

  • After upgrading I was left with a basically blank home page until I touch the link 'Apps' in the top right corner ??

  • Please send me links how to upgrade to honeycomb. I am in India

  • Stage software disappears, so you need to set up your "Desktop" all over.  Not hard to do, but necessary.