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Honeycomb for the Dell Streak 7?

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Honeycomb for the Dell Streak 7?

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Recently bought a Streak 7 under the pretense there was going to be an update to the android system. Was wondering when the honeycomb update will be released for the Streak 7.


Its such a powerful and nice piece of hardware truelly believe it is wasted with android 2.2!

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  • You to ought to voice those concerns to corporate with the information provided earlier.  No one that has decision making input from Dell is actually paying attention or cares what is in this forum, it isn't moderated like that and has already been made clear.  So, the moderators here could actually care less whether or not you're likely not going to purchase another product from them if you don't get what you want when you want it...

    This forum is lightly moderated by some folks that can do little more than delete a post here and there....so, if you are simply venting- vent away but don't expect any results. More power to you if helps you- definitely nothing wrong with venting.

    If you seriously want to get something done, get your voice heard and heard take it to the top - start with corporate and the board of directors.

    If this is deceptive business practices- take it to the BBB and FTC.

    I still am clueless as to why people would by a device because of what it is promised to do "in the future" without any time frame advertised of when it would be able to do it when they purchase the device.

    Would you buy a car without wheels because the car lot said they would be giving away wheels soon?  No, you buy it because it has wheels on it now.  I'm curious if anyone out there paid for guaranteed updates? I didn't- I must have missed that option.

    Sure, dell should be more responsive to it all, but at the same time the consumer needs to be more responsible when spending their hard earned dollars.  Supply and demand, folks. Who's more to blame the dealers or the users?

  • I see your point, however, advertising with "false pretense" IS actually deceptive marketing.  When Staples and Dell both stated that the rollout would take place, I based my buying decision on that nugget of information.  My rant is with the direction the company has chosen to go as a whole.  So, you are indeed right...I am whinning for no reason, and I SHOULD actually know better.   Thank you for taking that away from me.....lol

  • Dell said it would come out in Oct that's between 1st and 31st Oct so they still have a month left. I'm buying a Archos 80 G9 because I had a mess around with a Dell streak 7 at local currys/PCWorld and I found it didn't load flash videos at all where as my Phone did and my phone was connected via cell data while tablet was connected to their wifi. I also want to have honecomb out the box and the Archos 80 G9 is the only sub 10 inch for less then £250.

  • www.streaksmart.com/.../dell-streak-7-wifi-getting-honeycomb-update-on-october-7th.html more for speculation fire...

  • Thanks for that.....fingers crossed for the 7th

  • I purchased my DS7 through T-Mobile; I called re: update and was told that 3G/4G customers would receive an OTA update - Hopefully sooner than later

  • They're talking about the 2.2.2 update.

  • Don't get too excited!!!..... just downloaded Honeycomb 3.2 ota update (UK, Sim free 3g version) and to be honest it seems a bit glitchy!! and the menu key doesn't work.

    If anyone else has it please give feedback here.

  • Correction... Menu key does work... But not on homescreen.

    Poor screen resolution is also emphasised in Honeycomb  :-(

  • I didn't think the update was out?

  • Yes its out and I'm getting used to it now, seems quite good apart from screen res.

    Fonts look really small.

    Will play with settings and things tonight and feedback tomorrow.

  • Nothing for WIFI?

    The update is not showing under info...

  • Just out of curiosity. Does the update wipe your data as a part of the update? Can we expect to have to reload all of our data and purchased apps?

  • My friend did the update (different device) and he had to re-install all apps... My guess its the same for all android

  • I have flashed other devices, mainly froyo to gingerbread, and have been able to maintain apps and such. Honeycomb may a different animal, and I wouldn't be surprised if we had to reload everything after the update.