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DVP Firmware upgrade?

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When is it coming? I was told they aren't doing anything for current holders of the DVPro cause the firmware update was coming on the 28th of this month... which everyeone knows is going to happen. Please respond about this. I'm so sick and tired of not being able to use the wifi at my house... whats the point? It's been a frustrating experience.

WP7 was announced and I decided to get a smartphone and get a postpaid account for first time in years and I waited for it to be released since it was first announced to the public...

DVP was announced and I WAITED even longer to be able to get my hands on YOUR device...

It's a great phone but the WIFI is a killer issue for me. I don't get 3g in my home and I have 20mbps on WIFI that can't be tapped into. My house is an internet crawl zone.

I'm so dissapointed.


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  • There was a post about this on the DELL site, let me get it.

  • The DVPro update is rolling out in the middle of July as announced yesterday by DELL and will be available through the Zune updater.


  • Here's a small article as well:


  • It has been a struggle not to go back to my iPhone but not having to remove the battery from the DVP at least once a day will be great. Now we just need more games and apps on the Marketplace but can't hold DELL to that one :)

  • I hope this fix will also make Dell release an unbricking tool of sorts because the phone can easily be bricked. Design wise the SD card is a point of failure which should have never been used. WP7 takes blame in that, but I do remember MS documentation urging OEM's not to use SD's. Most phones have a recovery mode, Dell seems to be missing this no brainier addition.

  • I sent mine back due mostly to reception problems.  Is there a difference between the AT&T version radio and the unlocked version radio?

  • Come on Dell! Release the firmware so we can actually use our devices as marketed and intended! It's getting beyond "the middle of the month"...

  • Really Dell, I connect to Zune several times a day waiting for the update.  Hurry the hell up. 

  • Tweet from Lionel at Dell a few hours ago:

    The #dellvenuepro firmware update starts rolling out today for T-Mobile customers in the US + all other customers outside the US.

    Good news.

  • only unlocked phones are being updated this week.

    Tmobile locked phones will be updated next week,,,, According to Lionel's twitter.

    2.12 is the version of the update

    Ugh, one more stinking week. This update better fix the phone or i won't be so nice when i talk to dell.

  • Yep, twitter feeds seem to be suggesting T-Mobile now taking a turn at delaying the release, gosh they all want a wee shot.

    For what it's worth the firmware update has applied successfully to my unlocked device without any dramas whatsoever and it's been running with WiFi ever since without a hitch at all.

  • Same here, applied to my unlocked phone through Zune. Worked without issue and has been happily on Wifi without any problems since it was applied.

  • Got it!  Got it!  Got it!
    212 has landed on my unlocked DVP.  So far looking very good.

  • Where is MY update??

  • Have you checked when linked to your PC using the Zune software?  The update didn't show as available on my phone but when I synched it using Zune there it was.  still brilliant.