How to enable front camera on dell streak 5 (2.2)

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How to enable front camera on dell streak 5 (2.2)

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I recently bought a Dell Streak 5 (2.2) in South Korea. I tried to find the way for switching on front camera but did not find any way to do so. I thought video chat application like Skype will at least enable it but it also did not given any settings to enable the video.

It would be great help to me if anyone can tell how to get rid of this problem.



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  • Hi,

    the way should be: starting camera -> push menue button -> tap "front facing camera".

    On my streak (2.2/345) it works fine. For video chat try also ooVoo. I've no problems with it.



  • Hello,

    It worked. Thanks a lot for your help.



  • I am unable to start front camera through skype. Please help me.

  • Keep badgering Dell to release an update to Gingerbread (2.3.3). That allows the likes of Skype to access front facing cameras. In the meantime, have you tried the workaround mentioned earlier in this thread?

  • This does not work with Skype