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Update for Venue to Android 2.3 (Gingerbread)

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Update for Venue to Android 2.3 (Gingerbread)

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Would like to know the tentative dates for the update for Dell Venue to Android 2.3. Or even if whether it's in the pipeline for the update.

Any heads up will be appreciated.

User's who want an update for their Venue to to Android 2.3 vote below:


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  • Hi, I will really appreciate an update to 2.3 for Dell Venue.

  • XDA is a web site, one of the best for making the best of your Android device.  Check out http://forum.xda-developers.com/forumdisplay.php?f=1010 for all things Venue, especially the Venue General and Venue Android Development sub-forums.  My instructions for updating to Gingerbread can be found here:  http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=19968194&postcount=45.  If you don't know what ADB is and how to use it, or never flashed an Android device, read the instructions at least 3 times before trying to do anything.  Otherwise read them twice.  The instructions work fine, but if you don't follow the directions and break your phone, don't come crying to me.

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  • YESS!!! DELL Please upgrade it.

  • And make russian language in OS, please

  • pls update to latest release gingerbread!!!!

  • Can Dell keep Android's pace?

  • A post (from today) on the Venue xda developers forum site claims that Dell will release a firmway update within 3 weeks...Let's see!


  • please update as soon as possible!

  • I love my Venue but I too would like to see it updated to the .23 or even higher

  • rummor.nobody confirm....

  • 45-days later.... I've given up on Dell and stopped using the Venue. And in case you're considering purchasing the Venue - DON'T! The OS is woefully outdated, and now even the hardware is..... why would you buy a single-core CPU running Android 2.2, when for a little more you could be running dual-core with Android 2.3.4 which itself needs improvement?

    All the best to those who still remain hopeful....

  • I have no choice....I wanted an unlocked Android phone with a warranty and a large, good display....not too many options out there...

  • We should be expecting honeycomb 3, by now

  • Any update?

  • Called a Dell rep. Apparently they are about to release 2.2.2 (not 2.3 or newer). Some version is floating around that has BIG issues (even more issues than the current 2.2). If you get a message from your service provider that you can go ahead and upgrade, please do not until you have checked back with Dell whether that one is ok.
    They expect to have a clean upgrade release version by end of August.


  • I bought this phone 2 weeks ago and my biggest yet complaint is that it drains the battery very very QUICKLY.  Please DELL.  Fix this!! Please.

  • Yes, I support your idea John.

    It seems Dell was late for the update.