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Streak Froyo Update Performance Feedback - For All Updated Units

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Streak Froyo Update Performance Feedback - For All Updated Units

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Hi Folks,

I've received feedback that the FAQ post has gotten too hard to follow because of individual complaints/requests for the update. So I am starting this new thread to strictly collect feedback on post Froyo update performance issues/bugs.

If you have already upgraded to the latest 3.18 (unlocked) or 3.19 (O2 locked) versions of Dell Froyo and you have a consistent issue or bug, please post it here.  Please include which version of Froyo you have, what you have done to troubleshoot the issue and if you have already tried a factory restore.

First consideration will be given to those issues/bugswhich affect more than one person and that we can duplicate.



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  • Amy,  I have only had my AT&T Streak ver 2.2 for a few weeks now but I REALLY LIKE IT!  The only issue I have is that the voice dialer doesn't seem to work w/ my bluetooth headset.  I purchased a blueant Q2 especially to use w/ the streak.  I have not been able to figure out what the issue is.  I have been search the internet and have found many others w/ the same problem.  I only have another week to return the phone to Best Buy if I cannot get this figured out.  Please let me know if there is a fix coming.

  • Hi Amy,

    Please take this issue to the creator of the stock browser ( GOOGLE - I assume?)

    Lots of times, the stock android froyo  2.2 browser will not load a site.

    I then installed several browsers: Dolphi, Firefox 4 and Skyfire.

    I can firmly say there is an issue with the stock browser and WiFi:

    When the stock browser fails to connect to a site - it stops after half-loading the site - I can swith to Firefox - which will proceed to load the site.

    Alternatively I can restart my wifi connection - and the stock browser will work again, for a while until it quits on me.

    I love my Dell Streak 5 :-)

    best regards

    Working as Performance Testing Manager in IT. Using my Dell Streak as GPS, Mail client, News Reader, Book reader, Music Video and plain music player plus a few videos and photos on the go. And then as a phone :-) Just installed Skype - and SkypeOut seems to work OK - a little broken up, though.