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Beta Streak Update to Android 2.2

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Beta Streak Update to Android 2.2

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I have been using the Streak I got for the Beta release in Austin in May.  After the Beta was completed I ordered wireless service from AT&T with the data plan, then I just installed my SIM card in the Streak so I could continue using it.  It is working great and I love the phone.  With all the hype of Android 2.2 Froyo, I would really like to update my Streak the new OS version, but how will I get it?  Since I got my Streak through the BETA event, is it still an AT&T locked device?  Will my update come from AT&T then or do I need to get it another way?



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  • Hi,

    I'm not sure about the rest of your questions, but I can tell your beta device is already unlocked.  I've been running mine on T-Mobile since the beta period expired. (although I'm receiving over the air alerts that a system upgrade is available, but then the link at Dell says I'm up to date with 1.6)  Good luck!



  • Sorry it wasn't a good upgrade experience.  Thanks for the feedback.



  • cmohr,

    I think they replace PC Suite with a new application, "Dell Sync", which you have to download and install on your pc.

    I had the same initial problems with the android 2.2 update but I found that by completely resetting they seem to have gone away. I removed the battery for a few minutes and then restarted.


    btw, earlier I worked with a customer service rep at AT&T to get a process in place that allowed our beta devices to be activated on the AT&T network. Several friends have reported back that the process is working and you can use your beta unit with AT&T. The Android 2.2 update seems to enable HSDPA on the AT&T network (I'm getting 2Mbit/s download speeds) as well as Android's portable hotspot function.

  • Thanks for the info John!  I will look for the Dell Sync application and install it on my PC.  Also, how do I go about getting my beta device activated on the AT&T system?




  • Shae @ att can help get your beta dell streak re-activated on the att network. You can also use the beta streak on the t-mobile network


    from Shae:


     We have created a process to have the beta versions of the Dell Streak removed from the restricted list.


    1.       You will need to upgrade the firmware to version 1.6. (2.2 might be ok)  This can be done via Wi-Fi or by USB connection to a computer and downloading the firmware from the Dell website.

    2.       Once the firmware has been updated, take a photo that displays the firmware status & the corresponding IMEI for each device.  See attached examples.

    3.       Email the photos and IMEI of each device to me and I will forward the request to have the IMEI’s removed from the restricted list.


    I’m told the removal process takes 24-48 hours for completion.  Please let me know if you run into any problems.  I’ll forward your emails immediately upon receipt.

    Shae's email is SL7836 at

  • I will give this a try!  Thanks again John!


  • Things are starting to improve slightly now. I was finally able to get the new Mobile Sync working at least once so I could restore my contacts which did not get restored through the Back & Restore program. I tried opening the Calendar, but it still crashes instantly. Anyone have any suggestions for that? I have sent a request to AT&T to have my Streak re-activated on their network. I am hoping this will restore the 3G access so I can once again get the data service that I stopped getting after the upgrade to Android 2.2. Don't really like the new UI, is there a way to shut it off and go back to the original UI with the "rooms"? I liked being able to set up "rooms" with specific functions and each "room" had a different wallpaper. I also don't like that I cannot use my own photos for wallpaper anymore. I am guessing that if I resize the photos before loading them on the Streak, then they will be the correct size for the wallpaper, but I shouldn't have to do that. I didn't have to for Android 1.6.
  • I think you can install your choice of "launcher apps" in place of the default one.


    I haven't used one after updating to Android 2.2 but ADW.Launcher seems to be popular.

  • Well, hallelujah and AMEN!  I did a factory reset this morning and everything seems to be working finally!  I have 3G service once again not throwing exceptions constantly and no apps having to be Forced Closed!  Woo Hoo!

    Thanks for your input and assistance John!  I will look into the link you sent for the launcher app, but now that everything is working, I don't want to mess with it for awhile! lol!


    Thanks again!