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Dell Streak Froyo (2.2) Update Frequently Asked Questions

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Dell Streak Froyo (2.2) Update Frequently Asked Questions

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Hi Folks,
I created this FAQ to share updated information and answers to some of the more popular questions we've been getting. Feel free to post any additional questions and/or comments here regarding the Froyo update on the Dell Streak.
Q. What if I am not a current Streak owner, but I plan to buy from Best Buy or Dell directly in the U.S.? Will Froyo be pre-installed?
UPDATED 4-8-11
A. For those AT&T customers who purchased a Streak from Best Buy prior to the Froyo update, here is a link to download the update if you don’t have it already:
Also, Streak with Froyo pre-installed is currently available on in the U.S.


Q. When will the Open Source code for Streak Froyo be available?
UPDATED 12-14-10
A. Source code is now available at .
Q. What if I buy my Streak in Japan, Korea or Singapore? Will it have Froyo preinstalled?
A. Yes, Streaks purchased in Japan, Korea or Singapore will have Froyo preinstalled.
Q. What if I installed a non-Dell version of Android on my Streak? Will I still get the update?
A. No.  The update will only be deployed to Streak units which have Dell-provided versions of Android.
Q. Where is the link to the Dell Mobile Sync software?
UPDATED 4-8-11
A. On the Dell Support Site, under Drivers and Downloads:
Q. What if I don’t want to use the Dell Stage Interface?
A. You can remove it by holding down your finger on the widget shortcut and choosing the delete option.
Q. Can I run the update, even if I don’t get the official notice, by copying the URL from someone else’s device?
A.  No, the final link to download the 2.2 Froyo update will be non-functional unless the browsing session is initiated via the software update mechanism on the Streak device. This is because the software update application in the device communicates with the OTA update server to authenticate the update session.   The link to the update is dynamically set to download the correct software package based on the device that is connecting to the update server. Please wait for the software update notice to display on the device itself, when your version of the software is ready for the upgrade.  You can continue to check for updates manually by going to Menu->Settings->About device->System Updates which will connect to the update server and correctly check for an update.
Q. Why is UK getting Froyo update before US?
A. Technically, that is not true. I'd like to clarify a rumor that got started Friday because of two tweets from UK customers. They had received an update message in error last Friday. I followed up with the team that deploys the updates and found out a small set of devices may have received a “Software Update is available” notice but when they selected it, they were directed to a webpage that indicated “No software updates available at this time.”  Shortly after I sent out the apology tweets to the two users, I got an update from the deployment team apologizing for the brief glitch. They also noted that the issue was fixed and no further devices would receive notices until the actual update was turned on. This OTA update is rolling out in phases to different groups of customers. Although I can’t share the exact scheduling, I can say that this week folks who were part of the US Beta testing group will be some of the first to receive the update. Then, folks in Europe with unlocked devices will start to receive the update.
Q. Why can't I have the EXACT date when my device will receive the Froyo update?
A. This has been a very controlled release and several factors affect the rollout. There are also many reasons for not sharing specific dates. For one thing, the rollout schedule changes periodically. This allows our deployment team to stop and fix issues they may discover. Other factors include logistics and coordination/approvals from third party providers. Appreciate your feedback and patience while we continue to roll the update out.
Q. I bought my Streak Unlocked, I received the OTA Froyo update, but I am getting the redirect error. When will Dell fix this?
UPDATED 12-14-10
A. Here is the latest Android 2.2 update for the unlocked phones that are currently on Dell version 3.09 or 3.15  that fixes the issue with browser redirect errors:
Q. I bought my Streak Unlocked, but have not received the update yet.
UPDATED 12-14-10
A.  Everyone (globally) who purchased an Unlocked version of the Streak should have received an update notice by now. If not, please manually check for your update by either 1. shutting down and rebooting or 2. going to Streak Settings – About Device and selecting System Updates.


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  • z4root does not work under the 318 build of 2.2  you need superoneclick to root if you are on 318.

  • Spectre51 thanks for the catch, did not realize was issues between builds, mine is 10688, as well, just thought it was between versions 1.6, 2..1, 2.2 etc. 

  • I recently used to QDL Tool and now I'm on 2.2 and my build is 12821. Will I receive the update or is this the actual update.

  • Im still trying as i type. I keep running into mismatch errorHmm. i just want to go from 6601 to 12821.


    Thank You!

  • 5;00 PM on the east coast and no sign of an update from AT&T and no one has posted they have seen one...   Confused


  • Same here on the west coast no update, and no info. What I have found is some leaked emails saying the week of the 12th. So if that is correct we have another 2 days to wait until we can storm the gates.

  • It's a Dell dude!! nuff said...

    I'm now a new customer of HP...

  • techthug954

    I recently used to QDL Tool and now I'm on 2.2 and my build is 12821. Will I receive the update or is this the actual update.


    After I updated to the pre-release version of 2.2 with the QDL tool, I then went to this link (with my phone of course):

    And updated again.



  • I have the Att locked Dell Streak (white) and still no update this is crazy... i really like the phone just not happy that im still on 1.6 when other phones are on 2.2/2.3  ..... i really hope that theres and update for my phone

  • Hey, I feel the same way I bought my dell streak on Aug, 2010 so I had to deal with 1.6 for about  5 months now so it's heartbreaking.. so hopefully dell comes out with the OTA 2.2 either tomorrow or friday,

  •   is there anyway you can help us out here.... Still waiting on that date for atts LOCKED DELL STREAKS 2.2 update

  • Listen up..i'm still waiting on the 2.2 and i have seen devices with 2.3 and now they talking about 2.4 Ice Cream coming in the summer time already and we all still waiting on the 2.2 come on man already let's get this UPDATE following...Dang it....Well i went to the CES show 2011 and i must say i will hang on to my dell streak til about may because the Motorola Atrix4G..IS COMING TO TOWN.......So save the money..the NETWORK IS TAKING OFF.....Finally AT&T.......IS doing something right....

    the Motorola Atrix 4g is something out of this's got a accessory that is like a empty laptop where you dock the phone in the back and and open the screen side and bamm it a term i guess..but i must say it was very impressive with all the features and dual processors it was truly a piece of technology to show AT&T will have some great Packages with this device in May release...hang in there AT&T the best is yet to come....Hang in there....



    Overall i am still currently waiting on my 2.2 FROYO UPDATE...SO PLZ LET'S GET THINGS MOVING............

  • You praise AT&T but they are mostly the problem with the 2.2 update. Dell would have already updated the streak if it wasn't for AT&T. By the time the Atrix comes out it will be an old operating system and you will be looking for AT&T to update that also and' waiting and' waiting.

  •, I bout my Streak at Best Buy last weekend...impulse buy at $99.99 less a managers discount.  Was told it would be updated to i bought it.  After poking around online this last week, I began to get a little concerned that it would really materialize.  Last night I called Dell and after being tossed from person to person, I finally spoke to a girl who told me that the 2.2 upgrade for AT&T did begin to roll out yesterday but that it might take 3 to 4 weeks for everyone to get the notice so they don't overwhelm AT&T.  I still have 25 days to return, so I will wait a little longer.  We'll see

  • don't hold your breath Tongue Tied