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Dell Streak Froyo (2.2) Update Frequently Asked Questions

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Dell Streak Froyo (2.2) Update Frequently Asked Questions

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Hi Folks,
I created this FAQ to share updated information and answers to some of the more popular questions we've been getting. Feel free to post any additional questions and/or comments here regarding the Froyo update on the Dell Streak.
Q. What if I am not a current Streak owner, but I plan to buy from Best Buy or Dell directly in the U.S.? Will Froyo be pre-installed?
UPDATED 4-8-11
A. For those AT&T customers who purchased a Streak from Best Buy prior to the Froyo update, here is a link to download the update if you don’t have it already:
Also, Streak with Froyo pre-installed is currently available on in the U.S.


Q. When will the Open Source code for Streak Froyo be available?
UPDATED 12-14-10
A. Source code is now available at .
Q. What if I buy my Streak in Japan, Korea or Singapore? Will it have Froyo preinstalled?
A. Yes, Streaks purchased in Japan, Korea or Singapore will have Froyo preinstalled.
Q. What if I installed a non-Dell version of Android on my Streak? Will I still get the update?
A. No.  The update will only be deployed to Streak units which have Dell-provided versions of Android.
Q. Where is the link to the Dell Mobile Sync software?
UPDATED 4-8-11
A. On the Dell Support Site, under Drivers and Downloads:
Q. What if I don’t want to use the Dell Stage Interface?
A. You can remove it by holding down your finger on the widget shortcut and choosing the delete option.
Q. Can I run the update, even if I don’t get the official notice, by copying the URL from someone else’s device?
A.  No, the final link to download the 2.2 Froyo update will be non-functional unless the browsing session is initiated via the software update mechanism on the Streak device. This is because the software update application in the device communicates with the OTA update server to authenticate the update session.   The link to the update is dynamically set to download the correct software package based on the device that is connecting to the update server. Please wait for the software update notice to display on the device itself, when your version of the software is ready for the upgrade.  You can continue to check for updates manually by going to Menu->Settings->About device->System Updates which will connect to the update server and correctly check for an update.
Q. Why is UK getting Froyo update before US?
A. Technically, that is not true. I'd like to clarify a rumor that got started Friday because of two tweets from UK customers. They had received an update message in error last Friday. I followed up with the team that deploys the updates and found out a small set of devices may have received a “Software Update is available” notice but when they selected it, they were directed to a webpage that indicated “No software updates available at this time.”  Shortly after I sent out the apology tweets to the two users, I got an update from the deployment team apologizing for the brief glitch. They also noted that the issue was fixed and no further devices would receive notices until the actual update was turned on. This OTA update is rolling out in phases to different groups of customers. Although I can’t share the exact scheduling, I can say that this week folks who were part of the US Beta testing group will be some of the first to receive the update. Then, folks in Europe with unlocked devices will start to receive the update.
Q. Why can't I have the EXACT date when my device will receive the Froyo update?
A. This has been a very controlled release and several factors affect the rollout. There are also many reasons for not sharing specific dates. For one thing, the rollout schedule changes periodically. This allows our deployment team to stop and fix issues they may discover. Other factors include logistics and coordination/approvals from third party providers. Appreciate your feedback and patience while we continue to roll the update out.
Q. I bought my Streak Unlocked, I received the OTA Froyo update, but I am getting the redirect error. When will Dell fix this?
UPDATED 12-14-10
A. Here is the latest Android 2.2 update for the unlocked phones that are currently on Dell version 3.09 or 3.15  that fixes the issue with browser redirect errors:
Q. I bought my Streak Unlocked, but have not received the update yet.
UPDATED 12-14-10
A.  Everyone (globally) who purchased an Unlocked version of the Streak should have received an update notice by now. If not, please manually check for your update by either 1. shutting down and rebooting or 2. going to Streak Settings – About Device and selecting System Updates.


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  • I just traded in my Dell Streak( 2 days till my 30 days was up on AT&T) and got a Samsung Captivate OMG for half the price I have twice the performance.Its stock with 2.1 AND will get GINGERBREAD BEFORE ANYONE ELSE!! samsung is the maker of the 1st device with Gingerbread(Nexus S coming out on the 16th) so has a head start on gingerbread roms.IF you can GET RID OF THIS phone(actually its Dell device support the hardware was fine) NO WAY this device was worth the 300 dollar upgrade price. Good Luck

  • Hi all, i hav been using dell streak for little over two weeks. Iam very much impressed with my streak. I updated tto 315.xxxxxx.pkg and except for two things (google mail browser and fring front camera) rest of the things just works fine. I get my battery full day with 4 hours of browsing and always connected I love my streak. I amn't using laptop at home after getting streak. I know dell screwed up froyo updates . But I feel same is the case with others as well. I have HTF Desire and used to have samsung galaxy i9000. I had same issues witu them initially. Dell streak being the mini,dell should diectly push plain gingerbread. This makes.customers happy and loyal. Hey dell i have been using dell systems for kore than 9 years. Listen to us. Push gingerbread and retain loyal customers

  • To the users here; 

    I as well as others have spent my $300 upgrading to the flawed Streak. I though see the potential in this phone, and have reserved myself to waiting until the upgrade comes out. I agree with an earlier post that stated that we here have scared off Amy B. I think if the attacks on Dell would cease then maybe Amy would start posting again. 


    To Dell; 

     Again I agree with an earlier statement, that said that there is a lot of loyalty to be earned here. this is, as you well know, a cut throat market, and people can make or break your customer loyalty. Through all the flaws I have never bad mouthed the Streak. I have told interested people to wait until the 2.2 upgrade is applied. You have the best touch screen phone on the market here so get the OS straightened out. Second idea for you is to work out a Windows OS for the streak, and give owners the choice of OS on their phone. You want on edge on the market, there it is choice of OS on a phone.


     Patiently waiting for the upgrade,



  • Hi Amy,


    I bought my unlocked Streak since three weeks ago and I received the update after one week (living in eastern europe). I have the common problems listed by the others like browser redirects, but the laggy animations and selection of widgets is annoying. You posted earlier something about tweaking the build. prop. Actually I guess that you reffer to the swithching of the UI rendering from 0 (cpu) to 1(gpu). Isn't that voiding the warranty (needs rooting the device) and how safe is it? There were some rumours about artifacts on the screen after the tweak.

    Can u post the proper way to do it? This problem really pisses me off, I resolved the browser redirect using Opera (but no flash???only on stock browser and dolphin...),  but I really like the Streak and I would need a reson not to sell better performance.


    Thanks !

  • Hi Abdul Elah....I was a Dell Streak with same configuration like you (GAUSB1A111231, 6601 version and Android 1.6) and locked to AT&T USA, but 3 weeks ago I followed instructions in and updated to version 12332 with GAUSB1A131500-EU baseband and Android FroYo 2.2.

    Greetings Big Smile.

    Mauricio Villota.

  • Hi Amy........due to the unexplained delay by Dell company to give us the update, 3 weeks ago I decided to install what has been leaked on the net and now my device work well with version 12332, GAUSB1A131500 baseband and Androd FroYo 2.2. However has bugs such as failure to update in home landscape mode, just do it in portrait mode and the loss of communication over 3G by being only in  E (edge). Do you know if there will be an additional update package for version 12332 with GAUSB1A131500 baseband?.

    Thanks Smile.

    Mauricio Villota

  • huh? how do you know you will get ginger bread first? you do know the galaxy-s series phones were one of the last to recive the 2.1 upgrade? lol

  • Any truth to the rumors AT&T locked Devices not getting the 2.2 update until Jan 12?

  • dgs1985

    updated on notification from

    Baseband GAUSB1A111800-EU  build 8116


    Baseband version GAUSB1A131500-EU

    Build 12332

    Can't login to yahoomail along with several other websites.

    Data connectivity problem

    The page contains too many server redirects.

    Signing in to Gmail with default browser or Dolphin HD

    Data connectivity problem

    A secure connection could not be established.

    Gmail app works fine though.

    Wifi strength varies randomly if the top/left part (proximity sensor, camera area) of the streak is covered or held in hand. Never had this problem while on 1.6.

    Updated to GAUSB1A131800-EU

    all browser redirection/Data connectivity problems are gone. Haven't found any problem yet.

    Wifi issue persist. 

  • Its true, check out  They are hiding from us, this is the reason why Amy doesn't come out anymore, it is very sad and disappointing.  I tell you what, i was a hardcore dell fans, and that is slowly disappearing.  Remember, the bad stuff is what people remembers, not the good stuff and this is definitely very bad.  I think they are trying to make some more money, because the know people want that 2.2 froyo.  I almost purchased another streak just for the 2.2, so im sure others are doing it. 

  • Hi!

    Yes, I did purchase a Dell streak unlocked with 2.2 directly from two weeks ago. They send me a unlocked 1.6 version instead of the 2.2 pre-installed. I already upgraded it to 2.2 but the problem is I paid $579 instead of $ 549 (for the unlocked version 1.6). I contacted with the customer service guy and he asked me to contact the technical support for resolving my problem. I don't see what technical support can do anything about my concern. Any suggestion!

  • At least you received a real unlocked Streak.  I paid $549 for a supposed unlocked Streak back in August and now I found out it's a pseudo-unlocked version from AT&T (GAUSB1A111231-US) and I won't be getting the upgrade until January (maybe).   

    The thing is I'm the IS Manager at my work and spend many thousands of dollars with Dell each year.  This fiasco has made me consider taking my IT business elsewhere.

  • Hi, do not spent more!!!!!!!......I had a Streak with same configuration like you (GAUSB1A111231, version 6601 and Android 1.6) until 3 weeks ago....but I followed instructions in and updated my device to Android FroYo 2.2 (GAUSB1A131500-US, 12332 version))!!!!!.

    Greetings Smile.

    Mauricio Villota.

  • That's very Deep, I have no direct contact with them, other than me buying just about every electronic component at my house from Dell, and this fiasco, has for sure put a dent and making me look elsewhere for reliability.  Like I was always told, it only takes that one time, and this is it.  Maybe not a big deal for some, but when you have to spend 549 for an unlock version, and get in the mail the locked version, because when I bought it, I already had a phone and a newly contract and I specifically told the rep that I wanted an Unlocked one, but I got screwed.  It only happens to me... and to think I was fully warned that this was going to happen. 

  • What's up with that?  January 12th?  This is my first Android phone so I'm reluctant to try to install anything on it.  I wish there was a good YouTube video showing exactly what I need to do to install 2.2 without bricking my phone.