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Dell Streak PC Suite Update

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Dell Streak PC Suite Update

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I'm starting to rather annoyed with this.

Can't sync the Streak to the PC, so after searching this forum, it appeared I needed the updated version of the PC Suite.


Tried to use the link which has been provided by Dell on this forum, however this link appears to be "broken."

Tried to get the updated driver the long way, started to download it in the Dell Driver Manager, its starts off saying "Waiting 0.0MB of 32.1MB" then after a few seconds, a error box pops up and says "Session Data is corrupt. Please go back to Drivers and Downloads and try again" which I have many times, but it just says the same thing. I downloaded the previous driver with no problems.


Has anyone else came accross this, or any suggestions?

I really need to back up my phone as I have to send it off for repairs (smashed the so called Gorilla Glass).



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  • I'm with you..  I am having the same issue with no luck finding a solution.  I just got a new Streak today and there was no disc in the box so I just want to get my contacts to sync with my Outlook off my laptop.  Why is this so hard???

  • If the problis that you are not able to connect your device to your PC, your can search and find other drivers that work fine.  I also did not use the Dell drivers...  I think I went to the Android site, but I do not recall 100%.  I suggest doing some searching outside of Dell.

    Here is one place with drivers:

    The PC Suite installation is available on your Streak, so once you get it connected, you can copy to your PC and install.

  • Get hold of a backup app, I use back up pro, and create a back up on the SD card. Remove SD card before sendiing for repair (chances are, depending on the repairer, you'll not get the same device back so removing the SD card is a good idea and you might get a freebie SD card)

  • Hi,  you could do that by downloading  Google apps. migration to Microsoft outlook, and that should help you upload all your contacts, calendars, ...