Dell Streak browser: Cannot load webpage on secure public wifi

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Dell Streak browser: Cannot load webpage on secure public wifi

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Here is my problem summarized at

"Web page not available" error while trying login my office and hotel wifi at

This is a bug that apparently google recently fixed for the Android:

"Comment 116 by project member, Sep 14, 2010 This was released in Froyo (2.2) and backported to Eclair (2.1) as mentioned above, although I'm not aware of any devices that have picked up the 2.1 fix."


"Comment 118 by mlysipphone, Oct 05 (2 days ago) b...@google, I am on A Dell Streak with 1.6, I am having the same problem as everyone else. Is there is fix yet for the 1.6? Pls help.. this is major issue. I would never have bought an Android based phone had I know about this issue.."

"Comment 119 by project member, Oct 05 (2 days ago) mlysipphone, you'll have to contact your manufacturer for any support issues. I don't have any visibility on what they would consider for a maintenance release. If there was someone needing assistant in backporting to 1.6, I could lend a hand, but I assume anyone doing such work wouldn't have a problem applying the 2.2/2.1 fix to 1.6."


Can someone help me from Dell?



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  • Updating, I just tried other browser with no luck.. can anyone help!!!.



  • Updating again to keep in Dell's face.. this is getting stupid, pls fix it.