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Dell Streak Front Facing Camera

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Hi Amy

Could you please tell me if the 02 2.1 update removed the front facing camera option on the Streak?

When I am in Camera mode I touch the centre and all it gives me is Gallery and Settings. It does not give me Front Facing Camera option like 1.6 did.

Am I looking in the correct area?

Regards John

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  • Good question - I'd like to know as well. Dell advertising states that the Dell Streak has a front facing camera, however the 2.1 update has broken this (along with many other things).

    No answer from Dell so my questions now are "Is Dell's advert misleading?"  "Should Dell be reported to the Advertising Standards Authority?" "Are Dell obtaining money by false pretences and should Trading Standards be advised?"

    It's as if I bought a new car described by the manufacturer as having a sun roof and, upon delivery, it didn't have the sunroof I'd paid for. Can you imagine the fuss? Of course no car company would be daft enough to do this, so why do Dell think they can treat customers like this? Sheer arrogance. The original post has remained unanswered by Dell for 5 days. I'm inclined to wait another 24 hours and do all of the above. Come on Amy, get us a reply!


  • Well said WP. I never even thought of it like that but you are correct. I want to use the front facing camera to speak to my daughter in Hong Kong but due to the 2.1 upgrade, I am unable to do so.

    So, could someone from Dell please tell me if I am now able to get a refund from the Car Phone Warehouse in the UK, as this has now taken away a key function that was advertised.

    Reply please Amy



  • Ironically, Amy is too busy plugging the Dell Streak India release on this forum complete with, quote "VGA front facing camera for easy point and shoot and enabling video calls" Hmmm... are Dell really going to rack off 1.2 billion Indians? Can't wait.


  • The problem is that the 2.1 upgrade that removed the front facing camera was distributed by O2 and not Dell.  I have this in writing from someone in the exec relations team at O2.  The Streak, with 1.6, has a front facing camera that functions so Dell are quite right to wash their hands of it publically.  Behind the scenes however  they should be 50/50 kicking O2's backside and helping them produce a worthy update to the botched 2.1 release to restore the credability of a fantastic device.  I have heard (see above) that such an update is imminent and hope Dell have had input to ensure the device specific bugs, accelerometer, volume controls, facebook, twitter, pcsync issues are thoroughly resolved and tested prior to release.




  • That's all very well, except for the deafening silence from Dell. Surely Dell is monitoring their own forum? Furthermore, to go back to the car buying analogy, would Ford et al decline to accept responsibility for a problem caused by one of their appointed dealers? Such as the dealer removing the sun roof at the first service?


  • WP,


    I'm sure Dell are monitoring the forum.  I'm also sure (hope) Dell have gone ballastic at O2 for messing up the reputation in the UK of the streak.  To relate it to your analogy though if a Ford dealer (franchise) removed your sunroof at the first service then the Ford motor company would indeed be silent publicly but would put pressure on the dealer to resolve the issue.  This is hopefully what is happening in the background at Dell/O2.  Companies of this size are not about to air their dirty laundry in public and lets face it, as end users they are not particularly bothered about us.  After all they have our money now if you have bought direct from Dell or you're tied into a contract if you have gone through O2 (you maybe able to swap to another device but they still get your money).This is the main problem when using an open source OS such as android.  I'm not aware of anyone other than Apple releasing updates for their own products and therefore they have complete control over the update and make sure it is right before sending it out.


    Believe me I'm as frustrated as you about the lack of communication from both Dell/O2 but just hope that the update I mentioned in my first post is indeed imminent (I was told early Oct by O2) and that it rights all the wrongs and makes the device what it can/should be.  Then we only have a couple of months to the release of the 2.2 when everything I'm sure will be rosy in the world of the Streak. Wink




  • @ jonphanc

    Unfortunately, Jon, I and many others don't have access to O2 executive relations teams letters. My experience with O2 and Dell customer services is dismal, neither can/will help. The very fact that Dell aren't responding to complains and reasonable requests (John Allsopp's first post is perfectly polite and reasonable) on this forum confirms that there is a problem at Dell ( don't work for Dell, do you...?) 

    I was going to add that I can't believe that a company wouldn't be bothered about its end users, but it seems in Dell's case they are working hard to prove me wrong.

    With regard to being tied into a contract, I know that this could be quashed because O2 are in breach of that contract! They contracted to provide a device with a front facing camera for video calls. Where is it?

    Another thing, do O2 know that early October has now gone?

    I like the Dell Streak but my patience is wearing thin. I've had several Dell laptops - I bought an Inspiron about 6 months ago - will I buy another Dell product? I've also been an O2 customer for some time...


  • Hi WP,

    Trust me I don't work for Dell but I do feel your pain.  I guess years of suffering increasingly bad customer service from large companies has just turned me into a bit of a realist and I therefore stand by my comments above, they have our money and that is the end of it.

    You could contact O2 and suggest they are in breach of contract and  I guess if you pushed hard enough (as I did) you will be offered a replacement device with 1.6 (as I have), suddenly they are not in breach of contract and still have your money.  Rubbish isn't it.

    I only have access to the exec relations team as I emailed the CEO and received an email from someone in O2 who does appear to care about me as a customer.  It was this person who has told me that an update to the update is being worked on and will be realised early October (I check everyday for the notification).  In reality I take early Oct to be prior to the 15th and if not available by that day I will be calling again to find what the problem is.

    Finally, I'm not sure why Amy hasn't responded to John's first post but in fairness, based upon various postings in this forum, Amy does appear to be doing her best to support people on this forum.  Also Amy has put together a very detailed post detailing all the issues with the upgrade.  Included in this is the loss of the front facing camera.




    • I too have been an 02 customer for years but I have just been speaking to Dan at 02 who tells me that because I didn't purchase the phone through 02 I must take it back to the Car Phone Warehouse. CPW tells me that the phone had a front facing camera with 1.6 version it was sold with, so I would have to go back to 02, as it was their 2.1 UNOFFICIAL upgrade that took this function away.
    • I have now spoken to Dell who are picking up my phone on Monday 11th. They know about the upgrade taking away the front camera and other functions and I must say the lady I spoke to at Dell was very helpful. They will either repair or replace, so I will wait to see what they do. It will be gone for 10 days which is a pain but at least DELL took control and didn't fob me off like 02 did.
    • I will update when I can. John


  • @ jonphanc/John Allsopp

    Here we are, first week in December gone, yet still my Streak doesn't work properly. No update as promised for early October, or November or December... Load of flannel, wasn't it? Dell/Amy still haven't  answered John Allsopp's query. I suppose he's using another device now!

    Racked off WP checking out.


  • Whiskey Papa,

    No official update through O2 but the streak is much improved with 2.2 Wink through other means and it does address the bugs in 2.1 (or most of them anyway)  You've got to feel for Amy though.  You can only post the information you are given and that turned out to be a load of rubbish.    I have another post so far unanswered and it makes me think she has given up.


    I think it goes without saying that the whole thing has been badly handled by Dell.  What makes me laugh is that they are releasing a Dell streak 2 + larger tablets.  Do they really think they are going to sell any given the level of support it has offered during this fiasco.




  • Okay I live in India and I recently updated my OS to 2.2 Froyo. Everything works all fine except when I choose the  ""Use Front Camera" option in the camera menu. Then it says can't connect to camera and even the Main camera wont work. I have to restart the phone.

    Now I really dont know why everyone here is talking about freaking cars when its our phone thats messed up... Any answers about why this is happening and how to solve the problem is much appreciated. Thank You