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Compatible Streak Video Formats

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Compatible Streak Video Formats

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I got my new Streak yesterday and am trying my upmost to get some decent quality video on the device I can watch.

I have tried:

     x.264 at a resolution 800 x 480

     x.263 at the same resolution

    WMV1 and WMV2 at the same resolution.

All formats suitable as stated on the side of the box.

File sizes range on tested videos from 25mb to a few Gb.  I have tried calling Dell, the mobile support team on 0844 4443244 but no-one can tell me the specifications that the Streak is happy to play.

Can anyone confirm acceptable bitrates, screen resolutions so I can use my streak to watch vids?  I seem to be stuck on a 4gb file limit too (FAT32) although I was told in the shop I purchased from and by tech support that the Streak woudl take files as big as the free space on the uSD card.  Can I format the uSD card to be another format? (NTFS)

Really hoping for info as this appears to be the last place to check before I take it back to the store.


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  • Dave,

    I'm still playing around with my Streak as well.

    I'm using Handbrake and 640x272 with some trailers I downloaded from Youtube. Take a look at this thread and see if it doesn't help with Android video optimization.

    If you have made progress, please share. Big Smile


  • Thanks for the help Chris,

    I've ended up using the free  Videora Video converter, It has a god awful web based interface and seems to be limiting the resolution to 640 x 480.  However I am finally able to watch some video on my streak.

    As this is the support forum for the streak coudl it be possible for you good ladies and Gents to grab the supported bit rates, codecs, framerates and stick them on here for all to see?  I really don't want to watch youtube videos, I want to watch video that will make good use of the sterak's cracking screen.


  • Dave,

    Streak supports the following video formats:  H.263/H.264, .3GP, MPEG4, WMV

    When copying media files from your PC to your Streak, it is important to select the MTP (Media Transfer Protocol) option.

    When connecting your Streak to your PC, you are presented with three options on your Streak screen:

    • Copy media files to/from your computer (MTP)
    • Copy other files to/from your computer
    • Charge only

    You can choose any one to be the default connection.  You want to check the first option to transfer media files. 

  • Will there be support for 720P video recording and photo capture?


    HTC is providing an upgrade to their Incredible to make it 720P compatible. Does Dell have any plans to do this? Samsung is already releasing their 5MP Galaxy S 720P Compatible.

  • Hello there,


    I dont know if you have found a solution or not but i have just recently bought a Dell and had the same problem could not get any

    video I converted to fit the full screen, however after spending a few hours on trials and errors I located a programme called

    AVS Video Converter. It converts any video to almost anything with pre selected mobile phone profiles etc. It did not have a Dell

    Streak selection BUT you can Make and edit your own profile which I did and input the dell streak screen size which is 800 x 480 and selected 

    convert to WMV. Guess what I transferred the file over after conversion and worked a Perfectly FULL SCREEN ;-) 


    Hope this helps, Any problems please ask.


    Tej Big Smile

  • I am not sure what video formats the device supports, or at what resolutions such videos should be encoded. I was extremely frustrated at not being able to upload and play my media on my device. After spending some time on Google, I found a solution that satisfied my requirements - an app called RockPlayer. The version containing ads is free, and it has been able to playback just about everything I've thrown at it, the exception here being full 1080 HD encoded files. It did manage to play 1080 back, but the playback was sooooo slow and choppy that they were unwatchable (I can only make the assumption that the Streak doesn't have HD playback support hardware).

  • Well, i just came across a guide about rip and convert Blu-ray to Dell Streak which offers video setting for Dell Streak as following:

    Video Setting:
    Codec: H.264
    Resolution: 640 x 480
    Bitrate: 2000
    Frame rate: 29.97
    Audio Setting:
    Codec: aac
    Sample rate: 48000
    Bitrate: 96000
    Channel: Stereo

    Hope it helps

  • yh i had same issue and same solution

    jus some information for anybody who uses this method/solution. There is a selection for the dell streak, when you open AVS Video Converter(im using 7.0) and you will see 3 tabs:

    1 drop down menue
    1 called formats
    and 1 called devices

    if you click on the devices tab all you need to do is select android and then go down to where it says 'Profiles', click that and scroll down until you see one that says ' Video for Android - (H.264, 800x480, 24fps' this selection when converting my video files has thus far, raised no issues.

    ps love the dell streak :)

    hope ive helped

  • Question, if you pause the movie and do other tasks, will the movie resume at the point you left it earlier ?