WinXP + SBC DSL BSOD Bug Fix [Computers]


I am posting this so that other people can find it easily. Running Windows XP SP2.

After installing the SBC Yahoo! DSL software, the computer would no longer boot. The computer would stop at the blue screen of death (BSOD), with the cryptic message, "STOP 0x0000007E".

Apparently, there is an incompatabilty between a piece of software that SBC's DSL package installs and the Dell Windows XP load.

The problem software is Visual IP Insight, and specifically, the driver file IPVNMON.SYS.

To fix the problem, I booted into safe mode (hit F8 when Windows starts starting) command prompt.


I renamed the file C:\Windows\system32\drivers\ipvnmon.sys to


The user will be able to boot to the desktop.


1.      Double-click the  McAfee icon.

2.      Click the McAfee Personal Firewall icon on the left side of the SecurityCenter window.

3.      Click View the Internet Applications List.

4.      Select the application you wish to grant access to.
The Application Details box lists the information about the application and its current access permissions

5.      You may now select one of the following access permissions under Change permission to..:

·         Allow Full Access
This allows the application full unrestricted access to the Internet.

·         Outbound Access Only
This allows the application to only send information. It will not be able to receive any incoming data.

·         Block This Application
This will restrict any and all access to the Internet for this application.