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Issue : NTLDR missing


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Issue : NTLDR missing

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Solution :


1) Insert your windows XP CD into your CD/DVD drive.

2) Restart your computer.

3) Press the F12 key to access the one time boot menu.

4) Select Onboard or USB CD-ROM Drive.

    Press any key when prompted.

5) The Windows XP Setup will launch.

6) Press R to choose the Repair option and enter recovery console on the Welcome to Setup Page.

7) Type copy x:\i386\ntldr c:\ (where x is the drive letter for the optical drive), and press the <Enter> key.

8) Type copy x:\i386\ c:\ (where x is the drive letter for the optical drive), and press the <Enter> key.
     If you are prompted to overwrite the file, type y, and then press the <Enter> key.

9) Type exit and press the <Enter> key to quit the Recovery Console and restart your computer.

  • <p>what do you press when it ask you what what you want to log onto when you get to the recovery console? i tried 1 cus i saw it on another forum. then it ask for my password. after i put it in it ask for other things, i'm confused.</p>