Here are the instructions to follow when we get file copy errors during the uninstallation of Internet Explorer 8.


Try to browse for the following files in the following locations and continue with uninstallation.

Some of the files are hidden files, so unhide the files before going ahead from My Computer->Tools->Folder Options->View-

>Enable "Show hidden files and Folders")



hmmapi.dll.mui                -                              C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\en-US


ieeula.chm          -                                              c:\windows\help


inetres.adm     -                                                c:\windows\inf


inetcorp.iem      -                                             C:\WINDOWS\INF\IEM\0409


windows feed discovered.wav  -             c:\windows\Media


advpack.dll.mui     -                                         C:\WINDOWS\system32


admparse.dll.mui       -                                  C:\WINDOWS\system32\en-US



Once the uninstallation is complete, Restart the computer.