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How to troubleshoot issues where I have forgotten Windows Vista Login Password?


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How to troubleshoot issues where I have forgotten Windows Vista Login Password?

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How to troubleshoot issues where I have  forgotten Windows Vista Login Password?





When we are running imagex we are not deleting user data from the HDD, in this process we are overwriting data. But, its better to set expectation to Customer that thre might be possibility of data loss. After completing the process we can logon to the system with new user account that we create and we can retrieve data from old user profile.


Here is the process to run Imagex:


1. Boot to the computer using VISTA DVD.


2. Select the option repair my computer.


3. Go to command prompt


4. Go to D: prompt


5. Type Path d:\windows;d:\windows\system32 and press Enter.


6. Go to Tools folder using command "cd tools".


7. Use this command Imagex /apply d:\dell\image\factory.wim 1 c:\


This process will take 15 Minutes after that reboot the system. After rebboting we will get OOBE Screen.


We can logon to the system using new username. We can retrieve the data by navigating to old user profile.


Note: The below mentioned steps are found to work only for Administrator and Guest user accounts. In order to get this working you need to enable Admin account from command prompt, then follow the below mentioned steps - restart the system and then login to the system as Admin and change the password of User Name then disable Admin Account.


Follow the below mentioned steps to reset the administrator password or any other user account password in Windows Vista.


Step 1: Boot into WinRE using the Vista DVD.


Step 2: Click Command Prompt


Step 3: Now type

                net user <user account> *

                Press Enter


Step 4: It will ask for a new password - Enter the new password

                Press Enter


Step 5: It will then ask to confirm the password - Confirm the new password

                Press Enter


This will reset the user password..


For example: If Customer forget the administrator password go to WinRE in Command prompt and type: net user Administrator *

                         Then press enter to enter the new password for the account.

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