1.Boot to the recovery console


2.Copy the Registry from a backup using the Snapshot method.


At the “C:\Windows” type CD ..


Then at “C:\” prompt type CD SYSTEM~1   


At the “C:\SYSTEM~1\” type CD _RESTO~1


At the “C:\SYSTEM~1\_RESTO~1\” type dir rp*. *


(There would be a lot of folders by the name RP1, RP2 etc. Look for the highest numbered RP folder. We would work with the second highest numbered rp folder. For e.g. if highest is RP33 we would work with RP32.)


At the “C:\SYSTEM~1\_RESTO~1\” type CD RP32


At the “C:\SYSTEM~1\_RESTO~1\RP32\” type CD SNAPSHOT


AT the “C:\SYSTEM~1\_RESTO~1\RP32\SNAPSHOT” type as follows:


Copy _REGISTRY_MACHINE_SAM \windows\system32\config\SAM

Copy _REGISTRY_MACHINE_SECURITY \windows\system32\config\SECURITY

Copy _REGISTRY_MACHINE_SOFTWARE \windows\system32\config\SOFTWARE

Copy _REGISTRY_MACHINE_SYSTEM \windows\system32\config\SYSTEM

Copy _REGISTRY_USER_.DEFAULT \windows\system32\config\DEFAULT


(Note: don’t forget to say the period before default)


After these keys are copied type “EXIT” and reboot the computer.




Note :

If you get  “Access Denied” at the “CD SYSTEM~1” command

Then type as follows

Cd windows

Cd system32

Cd config

Ren system system.bak

Cd \


Reboot the pc and try the steps mentioned above.