The Webcam Diagnostic Test are ONLY available on older Dell Models. The new test to use is Webcam (Video Capture) Diagnostics


Go to the Diagnostic Partition, press F12 at start up

Using the arrow keys, go down to diagnostics

I had to run the diagnostics(takes about 5-10 minutes) until I got this message, then selected no.

I then got...

I pressed enter, then got...

Click on Test System...

Select symptom tree. You will then see...

Problems with USB Device or USB Device Not Detected

Click on that, then run tests.

In my case, the webcam passed.

The extended or 32 bit diagnostics  runs outside of Windows.   So you are automatically eliminating all the software issues as possible culprits, if there is a problem in these diagnostics, it is a hardware problem.  If the webcam isn’t being detected here, then it is either dead, or it isn’t connected to the system board.





If you're having problems with your webcam, please post on the Dell Laptop Video Forum

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