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  • Forum Thread: my xps 17 doesn't detect that my westinghouse 40'' is connected via hdmi

    my xps 17 doesn't detect that my westinghouse 40'' is connected via hdmi. the cables are near brand new, the hdmi ports are working, the Tv works just fine, but my computer doesn't detect that there is an output device (TV) connected
  • Forum Thread: Dell Latitude C840 multiple problems

    I've had this computer for a few years and never had a problem with it until now. I use windows XP. It was fine a little over a week ago. When I go to watch videos on say youtube or netflix the video itself gets all choppy and skips but the sound is just fine. I opened up Realplayer and watched a...
  • Forum Thread: Windows Media Center

    I've downloaded the Hauppauge program but it seems I can't download the drivers I need to make my WindowsTV work in the Windows Media Center on my Dell Insprion N5050. Can someone help me please... I did get Netflix to work at least, I think I need the drivers for the TV Tuner.
  • Forum Thread: Problems while watching videos, e.g. on Youtube

    Hello. As you can see, right at the beginning of the video, some sort of interferencces appear in the video. Usually they disappear after 10-30 seconds. Does anyone have the same phaenomenon with his device? Its a Vostro 3350, bought in Nov. 2011. Best regards, Chrissi641
  • Forum Thread: All Video playing at 2x Speed with no Audio

    I have a Dell inspiron. When I try to watch any videos or audios such as (this is only what I have tried so far) YouTube videos, Windows Media Player, Videos I record using my Web cam, and the Movies on Netflix, they play the video at a superfast speed and there is no audio. I have tried everything,...
  • Forum Thread: New Latitude Question

    Has the issue with the Nvidia GPU overheating running up the CPU when running video while Latitudes are docked to dual monitors using DVI and/or display port connections? Is anyone using the current lattitudes in a dual monitor setting with video, photo, or even CAD type software? If so have you had...
  • Forum Reply: Re: Dell Vostro 1015 Audio Drivers

    yes i want audio driver