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  • Forum Thread: finger pad inspiron 5820

    I got my labtop from someone that got it from someone..i try to get dell to help me with the problem (finger pad) but refuse to help make a long storey short...will not help me transfer: ower ship over to at a lost can somebody help I have too problems
  • Forum Thread: Dodgy touchpad - HELP!

    The touchpad on my Dell 1545 inspiron laptop isn't working and sometimes glitches out and goes haywire all across the screen! I can't use a USB mouse with it either! Is there anything I can do? O.S: Windows 7
  • Forum Thread: Using both mousebuttons on the touchpad

    Hi! I've been having this problem where I can't use the left mousebutton while holding the right mousebutton (think scoping and shooting in games). I haven't been able to correct this using the control panel or dell-touchpad application. Would appreciate a solution. My laptop is an inspiron...
  • Forum Thread: Dell Inspiron N5110 - Screen Shuts Off Sometimes When Something is Near The Track Pad

    Sometimes when I lean my iPad or something near the track pad of my laptop, my screen shuts off. I read that there was a magnetic something near there that does that. Is there a way to turn that off?? I don't want that option.
  • Forum Thread: Alienware 14 : Scratches on touchpad / Peeling off rubber on lid

    I've been using my Alienware 14 for quite sometime now. I recently started noticing scratches on my touchpad. Now it feels a lot rough to use it and I actually have to use my USB mouse so that it doesn't get scratched fully. Also, there's the rubber on the front lid edges have started peeling...
  • Forum Thread: Enable one-finger scroll on Precision M4800 (ALPS touchpad)

    Hi! I got my Precision M4800 and I'm really about it. But! I dislike the touchpad for one reason : No option to enable one-finger scroll. I'm kinda "old school" with touchpad and I don't like using my the two-fingers scroll and all the "fancy " features and the touchpad...

    Dear all, while charging, touch pad cursor moves drastically, automatically double click, in battery, working fine. i tried to replace the battery, connect ac adapter alone . again touch pad become crazy.! tried to reinstall drivers , cant solved, pls help me.
  • Forum Thread: XPS 15 (9530) touchpad problem

    Hello, I recently bought an XPS 15 (9530) in the Netherlands. Laptop is very nice but i have a big problem with the touchpad. Basically, if the surface where the laptop stands is not 100% solid and flat, the touchpad buttons get stuck when tapped which renders the touchpad almost impossible to use...
  • Forum Thread: Disabled Finger Touchpad by Accident

    Hello. I have the Dell Inspiron 3135, Series 3000 and while cleaning I must have hit a combination of buttons or something because now my finger touchpad does not work. I am stuck with navigating through the touchscreen. What keys do I hit to turn the touchpad back on?
  • Forum Thread: Precision M3800 - Disable Touch pad click

    I'm on windows 8.1. How do I disable clicking on the touch pad? So that when I just tap it without depressing the button it doesn't click. I often end up accidentally clicking things while moving my finger around on the pad to go to another part of the screen. Thanks!
  • Forum Thread: Synaptics Touchpad

    Hello Everyone I own a dell inspiron 14z ultrabook running on Windows 8.1 and for about one month now, my mouse cursor is frozen at the login screen. This problem is proving to be very annoying because it requires re-starting my laptop about 5 times before the touchpad works again. I recently discovered...
  • Forum Thread: disabling touchpad

    I had windows 7 before,on my studio xps 1640 and had changed settings, so once I used to connect mouse my touch pad disabled. Now I have windows 8.1 but could not find how to make it? Can any one help me?
  • Forum Thread: Touchpad is very sensitive to my touch, very hard to use.

    When I touch my touchpad it sometimes selects text, sometimes open charms bar, sometimes changes the window, etc. Very hard to use. It is not enjoyable to try to do anything at all. Please help with this problem. Thanks.
  • Forum Thread: Inspiron 15 3521 Touchpad Problems Even After Driver Reinstall

    I have the shaky cursor problem that others have posted on here, but even after reinstalling the touchpad driver I still have the problems. What is the next step?
  • Forum Reply: RE: Intermittent freezing of touchpad on Inspiron 15z

    Same issue.. the touchpad locks up on my 15z from time to time.. it will come back, sometimes I need to switch between the Windows 8.1 metro screen and the Windows Desktop with the windows key and it comes back. This is quite annoying. How can it be fixed?
  • Forum Reply: RE: Two Latitude E6540 Problems (Touchpad and Fan)

    It doesn't look like anyone else ever replied to this- I've got the same frustration regarding the touchpad. To disable it, the method is supposed to be: Reinstall the driver for your touchpad, see this link ; After reinstalling try doing the FN+F5 again. If no go, the...
  • Forum Thread: Touchpad Sensitvity

    I am having a huge problem with the touchpad. It is hyper sensitive, I can barely write a sentence without it jumping all over the place. I have tried the directions for the mouse, under properties, but there is no touchpad tab. Can anyone help before this laptop goes out the window?
  • Forum Thread: Inspiron 15 3542 touchpad - working properly?

    Just got this unit in today, and noticed 2 issues with the touchpad 1 - when i tap anywhere on the pad the entire thing feels loose and shakey, and makes a noise like something is loose. But if I press down with a finger anywhere on the pad and then resume tapping, it seems fine. (takes 2 hands to...
  • Forum Thread: Studio 1537 media buttons and Touch pad scroll problems

    Hi guys, I have the Dell Studio 1537 and I have two issues I would like to ask about. 1. Since I bought the laptop, the media (light) buttons aren't functioning properly. The media player-button isn't working at all, and after I upgraded to Windows 8.1 only the Eject-button does work. Any...
  • Forum Thread: Inspiron n5050 - Touchpad Stuck?

    On my Inspiron n5050 laptop, I always use the touchpad, which, as you may know, includes only a right and a left click button. Despite this, occasionally my laptop acts as if a mouse's center button - the scroller - is stuck down. When this happens, right-clicking is entirely disabled and the left...
  • Forum Reply: RE: Touch Pad is not working

    Hi Ravi, I just bought this laptop a week ago,and it does have Ubuntu by that time so I installed windows 8, but then after installing it, the touchpad isn't working. I honestly swear to God I did everything I can , I installed the driver that is recommended for my dell inspiron 14 3442 on your...
  • Forum Thread: My N5110 getting excess heated beside the Touchpad (left side).

    Hello everyone, As the title says, since few days, my Dell N5110 laptop is getting heated beside the touch pad (left side). I have run the laptop both with/without charging, but still the same case. Since I always need to place my left palm on that surface for typing, it's getting very frustrating...
  • Forum Thread: Dell Inspiron 14z touchpad lost "double-tap to select" functionality after Win7 reinstall

    Hey all, So my 14z touchpad had this wonderful function, pre-reinstall, where I could double-tap an item to select it, move my finger back and forth on the pad to position the item, and tap once to release it. The important and delightful part of this was that I could lift my finger and reposition...
  • Forum Thread: touchpad

    i own a Vostro 5470 dell laptop. Recently i have not been able to scroll down&up from the touchpad (using two fingers) and the setting charms dont appear when i swipe the touchpad from right / left how am i supposed to fix it?
  • Forum Thread: Touchpad Doesn't Work When computer is plugged in, a while back, my computer had a problem where the computer would say that it's "plugged in, not charging." I fixed this by getting a new adapter. ( ) While the charging problem is...